What Wonders Faith in God is Manifesting In My Life

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Over the years, on my way back to believing in God, I have met many people with many different opinions about God, which is why I decided to read the Bible for myself. I struggled with traditional Bibles, especially starting with the Old Testament.

However, discovering and reading an amplified Bible (I bought Joyce Meyer’s Everyday Bible), I discovered the important change Jesus and the New Testament created for believers, plus accepting Jesus empowered me to see the world differently … for the better.

On the journey back to the consciously-chosen faith in God, I have also greatly appreciated televangelists because they were able to reach me without all the social challenges I encountered in church environments, similar to the challenges faced in the social settings of large schools and classrooms.

Why? Because I am more introverted than extroverted and because of my people-pleasing/approval-seeking addiction I have had to work diligently at to diminish, though not yet totally successfully.

Different televangelists have given what I needed for the development stage I was in … Robert Schuller, Joyce Meyer, and now Joel Osteen.

What I particularly like about Joel Osteen for me now is how he lifts me up with encouragement and positivity that inspires me to dive further into the Bible to create more of the life in my heart and dreams.

As a result, I am choosing to no longer care what people say or how people judge Joel Osteen because his kind, respectful, uplifting ways have brought me closer to understanding how valuable … respected I am by the one who loves unconditionally and how that knowledge has made me a better person … so how can that be a bad thing?


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March 11, 2018



Why Moving West Is Important to Me

Do you know the Bible story of Jonas?
Jonas was directed by God to go to a place called Nineveh, but Jonas, for his own reasons, did not want to go.
Instead, he got on a ship and headed in the opposite direction, but a strong storm tossed the ship. Jonas cried out confessing the storm was his fault for not obeying God’s request, so his shipmates threw him overboard … and a large fish/whale scooped up Jonah.
For three days Jonah was in the creature, but finally he was forced out alive.
And what did Jonah do? He went to Nineveh!
You could say I am a lot slower than Jonah, but the truth is after my divorce and a number of traumatic events, I didn’t believe in myself or God twenty years ago when the idea to move to the west coast arose in my heart.
As a result, I did not move, but shuffled around Ontario, mostly around Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. The desire flickered several times and almost went out a few times, convinced the move was beyond what my wounded heart and thinking could conceive and believe.
But as I have discovered, God does not give up on people, even if they give up on Him as I had in my youth. Working my way back to believing in Him and myself again has been a long, painful, arduous journey, but that journey has ended and a new one is beginning … I am moving out west this spring.
He even showed me the name of the place and the north coast location on the California map tacked onto by room wall.
Mind you, God knew I did not want to leave my family, but Dad has been gone three years this March, Mom is moving into assisted care this spring, my siblings are scattered across Ontario, and one has lived in the USA for years, so now it is time to go!
Like Jonah probably felt, I am relieved to finally be going to where God directed me since not following God’s lead otherwise translates into a problematic, unhappy life … though thankfully I was not swallowed by a fish/whale because I don’t like fish … though I’ve encountered similar stinky situations.
It’s funny, I used to consider people who followed God’s will were weak, but truth is following God is not easy at times, but also, the beauty is when it is the most difficult and almost too much to bear, we don’t have to simply rely on ourselves because that’s when God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit show up in our lives the most.
And Amen for that!
January 22, 2018


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Contrasting Conditional Love and Faith with …

Discovering how conditional faith is like conditional love … both are subject to human interpretation, limitation, judgment, and error … which is why I now choose to put my life, including my love life, in God’s hands … sure beats living in fear.
December 13, 2015

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