Without A Fundamental Change …

Without a fundamental change in our foundational belief to one that unites versus divides us, not much will change, and some things won’t, such as …

Having to make examples of the few for their disrespectful acts with the hope that fear will curtail such acts. Such acts won’t because …

  1. Some people feel immune, above it all, lord over overs, better than others, special
  2. Others justify their words and actions by the fact that other people doing it so why not them
  3. Then there are people whose “Respect Level” is so low they don’t care about what happens to them. Some hope their acts will result in someone else killing them, such as the police, so they will not act have to take their own lives
  4. And those with no respect for themselves or anyone else do what they want without  fear and that includes taking  the lives of others to cause others pain … the pain and emptiness that blacks out their emotions so they cannot feel empathy, compassion, and respect for anyone, including themselves

Ultimately making people fearful is not a safeguard or even a deterrent. What will make a difference is raising people’s “Respect Levels” high enough so they will value … respect themselves equally as other people … not above, but also not below. It is only then will humanity’s evolution rise to the level where people will learn how to thrive rather than just exist and humanity will rise to a new level of evolution not yet witnessed.

May 4, 2018


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Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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What Terrorists and Other Bullies Don’t Get … and We Must Help Them With

Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE is the foundational belief that everyone is valuable … every life worthy of respect. Freedom of speech is a part of the idea … we don’t have to like or agree with everyone’s words or even how they express their views … as long as those expressions do not harm … for when they do … one must expect people to rise up against those who harm because you have violated people’s right to believe as they do … just as terrorists and other bullies are entitled to believe as you want … as long as you do not violate anyone’s else right to live peacefully with their beliefs.

We are in this world together … and the sooner we learn to truly get along with each other … then everyone’s basic needs will be able to be met … and then we will truly have the opportunities for our potential to soar and then we will create an amazing world far beyond what the world is now … or has even been … but first we must climb out of the darkness.

Like Charles … the choice is ours … each and everyone of us … to make.

January 8, 2015

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