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You are a highly successful compassionate leader seeking a new challenge, without all the responsibility of a new venture of your own.

If you desire to mentor an innovator that developed a unique and powerful global initiative to raise humanity’s standard of living, your search is over. Discover the breadth and scope by reviewing this site. If Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle’s mission resonates with you, contact me through LinkedIn messaging.

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Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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Reasons for Publicity, Social Media, Creativity, and Entrepreneurial Skills Upgrades

Holding a big vision in one’s heart and mind drives the many required small acts.


1. Studying publicity and how to put together a press kit for newspapers and proposals for potential contest sponsors

2. Learning from social media marketing experts how best to utilize and maximize the digital tools rather than overwhelm with too many posts and too much information

3. Discovering legally, contractually, etc. how to best offer the Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle contest to engage youth, caregivers, teachers, and administration in schools, communities, and organizations


1. Fewer children and teens being targeted because of less prejudiced rationalization

2. Saved lives because of averted tragedies

3. More children and teens discovering and realizing their potential


1. Altruistic satisfaction for helping in my unique way

2. Financial compensation for my unique talents and perseverance

3. Ability to give back even more to others because of my success

Feeling honored, fortunate, and blessed to have the combination of talents, skills, and experience to serve by creating a unifying, practical, logical, and compassionate initiative , Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle, transforming our ideas of what our world can really be like when we value … respect … life simply for being other lives we share with our world.

Thank you for doing you part!

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier


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September 20, 2018                                    

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A principle is defined as a universal truth … a foundation to build upon.

Respect as a principle is a global initiative delivering the good news every person … every life is valuable.

How we treat what is valuable reflects our “Respect Level” for ourselves, others, and life.

And to co-create a better world, we simply need to raise our “Respect Level.”

Learn more in the upcoming ebook, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle … The Why, The How, and The Benefits releasing January 1st 2018!


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Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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December 18, 2017




Waiting eagerly for the book “proof” to arrive so I can okay it for the print production of the first “Limited Edition” (signed and numbered) copies of the first book, “Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE” spearheading the global initiative!

In the meantime, studying business formats and designing the growth plan for partner opportunities … one General, one Silent, and other Limited partners. Quite exciting too … the team we will one day be as we roll out the global initiative made possible by all the books, products, and services created to help make the shift in perspective happen, starting with getting the core book into the school curriculum this fall!

Thanks for dropping by and for your interest in helping every child … every person … to know by their own experience, they are valued … RESPECTED.

June 7, 2015


Freeing “Potential” with Education, Entertainment, and Inspiration with the global initiative and core book Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLEbecause every child … every person … should know, by their own experience, they are valued … RESPECTED.

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From Jungian Analyst, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D, “A culture that requires harm to one’s soul in order to follow the culture’s proscriptions is a very sick culture indeed … While socialization for children is an important thing, to kill the interior criatara is to kill the child. The West Africans recognize that to be harsh with a child is to cause its soul to retreat from his body, sometimes just a few feet away, other times many days’ walk away.”

Not only will a child’s soul be many days’ away, it could be years. You can tell by the empty eyes, sometimes induced by medication such as Ritalin and/or the destructive behavior to one’s self or others. Later on, we see the remnants of soul beatings and deaths not only by drinking, drug, food, and shopping addictions, but also by the collateral damage of a black and white philosophy, financial instability, unhealthy relationships, people pleasing at any cost, the subsequent depression or rage …

Instead, instilling children with a healthy “RESPECT LEVEL” not only will a child’s soul stay intact and alive in the child, the soul, his or her true identity, will help the child to continuously adapt to changes by keeping a healthy balance between being socialized without losing one’s self in the process.

Keeping a child’s soul alive and well will also empower a child to go through the storms of his or her teen years without his or her self being cast overboard in the rush of hormones and the independence drive.

A balanced teen will try many new things, risk many new adventures, yet still stay true to its soul’s course, resulting in better choices for one’s adult life … while always retaining the ability to continue adapting, confident in one’s self and resultant decisions … not that there will not be mistakes … nothing tried translates into nothing gained, though sometimes what is gained is not the expected result, but the lessons from trying.

If we want such balanced adults shaping our world … we need first to decide this is what we want … for all children … for everyone … and begin the adaptation process of recognizing every child … every person should know by their own experience, they are valued … respected … so we do not cause children’s souls to leave … for any period of time … so we heal a culture that reveals its degree of illness by the results of everyday life … including all the public statistics that tell the tale all too clearly … and for all the private statistics we seldom hear about it, but see everyday in empty eyes, mean actions, and defiant acts.

Considering all the strife many African children, youth, and adults experience in their lives because of the poverty and living conditions, many people express wonder at how they can be so happy regardless … I believe it is because they indeed do value … respect their children and their souls in ways our “civilized” world has not yet mastered.

We have something to learn from every life … every person … every culture … that is why valuing … respecting … every person must come first before we will reap the full rewards within our grasp.

May 14, 2015


Freeing “Potential” with Education, Entertainment, and Inspiration with the global initiative and core book Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE because every child … every person … should know, by their own experience, they are valued … RESPECTED.

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Pinkola Estes, Clarissa, PH.D. Women Who Run With the Wolves, Page 177 and Page 195

A Simple Transformational Belief … and a Dare

I have always wanted to help people, but on reflection, I often did not know the best way to help someone … or even myself.

But that is changing as I am changing … indeed, has changed as I have learnt to help myself … along with helping others in the ways they truly need that are quite often not the obvious ways that were fuelled by my judgment and a need to control … help … others in the way I thought they needed … because of my own big ego that was trying to make up for a deeply rooted low self-worth … a very low Respect Level.

Raised Catholic, my youth was filled with conflict fuelled by the talk of love but also by the actions of cruel discipline, including harsh words, intense judgment, low tolerance, much ignorance, and a lot of physical pain … which resulted, as it did for many other Catholics, in my abandoning not only Catholicism but also God … leaving all in the dust created by my fast exit to be free of the pain.

The scientist inside of me rose up to fill the void left by my no longer believing in more than just our natural world. Logic and practicality attempted to dominate, but suppressed emotions often got in the way of even the scientific way of thinking.

Plus, there were the gaps and craters created by the discord between emotions and hard facts … that I discovered many of us are experiencing in a world that is picking up speed as if it were on a downhill track with no safety features in place to break our impending falls

This increasing awareness, combined with the deep desire … the compassion … to help people, plus the logical and practical knowledge gained from scientific study and analysis resulted, not in the return to faith and God or Catholicism, but to the development of one idea … one concept … that has the power to overcome any boundaries erected by any belief system precisely because it is not based on a belief system … but on one principle … one foundation we can add all of our beliefs upon.

A foundation strong enough to support our diversity as we build a stronger world … based on valuing … respecting each other … only stepping in against others who act disrespectful and harm other life.

The global initiative, based on the foundational book, Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE, is designed to build that foundation we need.

Yet interestingly, as my Respect Level has grown, not only have I been given the concept of Respect as a foundation, a return to a spiritual life has revealed that under the foundation of Respect is an even stronger foundation … Love … which I was not aware of when I created the image I created in 2007 and posted a few days ago.

As a social scientist and philosopher, I now easily see the logical and practical benefits of valuing … respecting every life, while at the same time, as a renewed believer in Christ, one with a new understanding of what it means to be not only spiritual, but also a Christian, I now easily see not only the logic and practicality of helping the oppressed, the needy, the broken by being respectful … I now know how easy it is to actually put love into action … simply start by seeing ourselves … and everyone else as valuable … worthy of respect … because I have learned when we build on that foundation, we add to the strength of the underlying foundation we all want to believe supports us … Love.

I invite you to participate in an experiment … start treating everyone you come in contact with as valuable … worthy of your respect … not admiration … just respect … and watch what comes back to you … how the results impact your own quality of life. I dare you.

December 3, 2014

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier

REMEMBER to Connect … with RESPECT by ordering your copy of Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE NOW … because every child … every person … should know, by their own experience, they are valued … RESPECTED. © All rights reserved 2014.

“The people who are crazy enough …”

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world … are the ones who do.”

Steve Jobs, Apple Computer founder

Quoted from the Remstar film “Jobs” with Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs.

So the question begged is, “Am I crazy enough to think I can change the world by raising Respect Levels through my education, entertainment, and inspirational company and creations … you bet! Why? Because I believe every life is valuable … and by valuing … respecting every life we will diminish our world’s problems instead of each other … and we will therefore do our part in raising the standard of living and quality of life of all people. Now that is a legacy I hope and pray we will leave instead of a repetition of what has gone before … again and again.

If you do too … order your copy of Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE book so we can work together on our lofty, idealistic, yet logical, practical, and compassionate goal … now. 60 pages that will shift your perspective and enrich your life … and all those you impact. Perfect for school and organizational discussions … great gift too. Written for the global literacy level to reach the masses to effect the greatest change.

Of course, there is the play, Charles’ Choice, for students and the public to present the concept to their schools and communities … includes a Director’s Guide for schools and communities without school drama clubs and local theatre groups … designed instead for gymnasium floors and community halls. A documentary is also planned that will include a workshop production of the play for the community who presents the strongest case for their community to be the forerunner of this global initiative.

Want to keep it even simpler? Book a keynote address where I will reveal to your audience how to Connect the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE for the benefit of your school, community or organization’s goals … and their own.

Thank you for wanting to learn more about what you can do to help free people’s potential and manifest world peace and for taking action that calls for more than a donation or a “Like.”

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier

Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE … because every child … every person … should know, by their own experience, they are valued … RESPECTED. ©