Entry for Christians … and Once Upon a Time Christians

Some followers of Christ may consider Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE not valid because it does not refer or quote The Bible directly … and that is intentional, but that does not mean the work was not inspired by God.

Personally, I was raised and schooled with the Catholic tradition, but a number of experiences, (you will be able to read the fiction book, DARK HORSES, inspired by true events in 2015), caused me to reject Catholicism and ultimately God. For years, I searched for something to believe in and for a while I did not even bother to try … just tried to stay alive on my own.

But twenty years ago, during an extremely tumultuous time in my life, I turned to God and said, “If you truly exist, then give me a reason for all I experienced and a purpose; otherwise take me home.” That night, the birth of what I now call Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE was placed in my heart.

But, it took me twenty years to come back to truly believing in God, which I now do wholeheartedly, because in reading an amplified Bible I discovered the words that support the Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE idea that He directed me to write.

However, the work was written for the “religion” of today … intellectualism … founded on the principles of philosophy and science … logical and practical … yet with the added component of compassion to reach non-Christians and to reach people such as myself who turned away from believing in God or even grew to hate him because of what Christians, in their own ignorance of God’s teachings because of what was erroneously taught them or through their own afflictions, hurt us to the point our faith was shattered … hence the many empty traditional churches and lost, scared, and lonely people.

For me, all that led to the development and authorship of Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE is what helped me to heal … at first, intellectually and eventually spiritually. Bringing people back to what is good in them and in our world is my purpose … what was placed in my heart. It may not fit into what many Christians consider God’s word or work, but if they really know God personally, they know he uses all kinds of people and all kinds of ways to teach and heal. And, in fact, he likes to use the unexpected, the perceived least likely or least worthy … in order to confound those who think … who judge themselves as above others … more spiritual or more of a Christian … but ironically, there is truly only one kind … a believer.

Once my Respect Level rose high enough, I was empowered to examine my beliefs and to change those that were limiting, negative, and harmful to my existence … and opened the door to see the spiritual side of me … of life … and God.

Both books, The Bible and Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE, are intertwined and once you have read both you will know the latter came from the former … just presented in a different way to reach those whose religion is the popular intellectualism so their hearts and minds will be opened to the possibility there is much more to life than what we see … thank God!

A few thoughts for the day … God is not a respecter of persons … because he “values” everyone equally and God’s primary command of Christians is to love one another … and while we are learning to do so, he is asking us to at least … value (not like, agree with, or approve of) … respect … others on our journey back into love.

September 26, 2014

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier

Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE author and altruistic entrepreneur … because every child … every person … should know, by their own experience, they are valued … RESPECTED. ©

Learning to appreciate waiting on God

Raised a Catholic in a blue-collar community, we did not read The Bible; it was preached to us.

When I have tried to read The Bible the past several years because I thought I should at least read one the most influential “works” to better appreciate the mythology and symbolism storytellers draw from, I struggled because the Old Testament is filled with a lot of violence, which stopped me cold. But over time, people like Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer helped me to try again. Particularly his books and her amplified Bible propelled me to see the beauty of The Bible, transforming me from someone who believed Jesus was born, but not much else … to a student of God through His Word, a believer and a follower.

For someone like me who has gone through the experiences I have, in part due to my bad choices because of my low Respect Level that was significantly shaped by my experiences of my childhood community culture, but also because of the oppression someone more different from most people experience, hope has been renewed as has been trust and faith, especially with words such as Joel Osteen’s “Sometimes God will wait on purpose (from lifting one up out of one’s desperate circumstances) not only so you know that it’s His power, but so your doubters, your naysayers, and your unbelieving relatives won’t be able to deny that God has something amazing in your life.” Osteen, Joel, Break Out! Page 133.

I know this is true and that people … my family, friends, geographical and web community will see also … because, like I did, they need to believe He is so much more than what many of us have been taught to believe, including wanting to work with us, as He is me, to fulfil the dreams He has put in their hearts too. In the meantime, I’m grateful for all the ways He is meeting my very basic needs while I wait on Him and the miracle He’s waiting to perform at what I believe may be His favorite time of year.

Special thanks to you whom He has used to help me through this time; most particularly my brother Phil and his daughter Maxine.

Wishing all of you a very special Christmas too this year!

December 20, 2013

Kaitlin A. Trepanier

All Rights Reserved by DARK HORSES PRODUCTIONS/KAITLIN A. TREPANIER, Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE Developer, Author, Speaker, Playwright, Altruistic Entrepreneur, and Human Rights Activist … because every child … every person … should know, by their own experience, they are valued … RESPECTED.