Putting Your Life in the Hands of Another …

None of us know what challenges life is going to present us with, but unfortunately people with low Respect Levels make choices equal to their Respect Level and the influences that shape their choices.

For example, with a high Respect Level the Power of Attorney choice such a person would make would be based not on a person’s worldly success, but on the Respect Level of the person … so that when the time comes to make difficult choices … when time is needed for your POA to be with you … or to say or do whatever you need from your POA as your voice, you trust they know you well, share your philosophy or at least support your philosophy and your wishes … and will be available to commit to the time needed to help you when you need them most.

Even then, POA choices can be made, but life is ever-changing … people move away, overwhelming challenges arise for them, etc. and what were once considered good choices turn into not-so-very-good-choices. The good news is while you are still able, you can change your POA … and you should not delay because once you are no longer capable of speaking for yourself, your Power of Attorney cannot be changed. It is finite.

The only other option, here in Ontario, Canada anyway, is someone who is there for you in ways the POA is not can appeal to the courts to secure “Guardianship of the Person” but of course the process is timely and costly … so you are better off to pick people, who may not even be family, to be your voice when yours is no longer heard or listened to anymore. Make sure there is flexibility, ability to delegate, and even the funds set aside to appoint a Guardianship of the Person in case something goes wrong or does not work out with the appointed Powers of Attorneys. I would also caution that the finances from property and for care not be transferable to the POAs upon the death of whom they represent, but if they are willed to the POAs, that the money to be held in trust for a period of years to ensure the extreme … protection from physical harm … and neglect so that the primary directive of Power of Attorneys are care … not the acquisition of someone’s assets, but the devoted care of the person. Of course, that is the worst case scenario, but it is also the more common scenario since our global Respect Level is so low.

The resulting dilemma is also the challenge of what it can cost someone to be someone’s POA or Guardianship of the Person if there are time-consuming challenges and a long life after someone becomes dependent.

The past few years managing my Dad’s day-to-day needs and serving as the primary contact and liaison has revealed to me just how vulnerable we are when we sign our lives over to other people. And that even though there may be no intent to harm, there just may not be enough time in a POA’s life to provide the care and respect we all want … and deserve as individual people … especially during the most difficult time of our lives. Unprepared as I was financially to serve in this role, which I gladly and gratefully have done because it has brought me back to a relationship with my dad, also set me back significantly financially, including my inability to commit to a traditional regular steady job; however, the challenge has forced to look to the Internet for non-traditional income generation as well as additional research into yet another way we need to Connect the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE to make the world a better place for us all to live … respectfully and lovingly … all the days of our lives.

Till then, I urge caution please … investigate your local laws … and raise your own Respect Level by writing not only your Will, but also investigating and carefully considering the people you ask to be there for you legally … because your life, and its quality, will depend on the Respect Level of your choices. Otherwise, until we raise our world’s Respect Levels, unnecessary, neglectful, and often even cruel things do happen to those who have placed their lives into the hands of those who may initially had good intentions when they agreed, but whose reality conflicts with needs of their new, vulnerable dependent.

December 16, 2014

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier
The RESPECT SPECIALIST … Advocate Author Playwright Director Speaker Publisher Entrepreneur

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