Depression … The FINANCIAL COST to Individuals and Health Care … Check Out this Hospital Bill Breakdown

Read this one woman’s story to discover what depression is doing to our world.

Then consider how different our world would be if every person felt valued … respected enough personally to discover, develop, and follow their unique path in life so they would feel good about themselves and their lives rather than feeling bad enough for suicidal thoughts to get into one’s head … and especially into one’s preventable actions.

Logical, practical, and compassionate … respect for one’s self and for others returns us back to love … and saves a lot of money too!


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November 23, 2018


The Dark Side of Humanity …

“What I define as Residual Anger is the often unexpressed, unresolved anger that is carried on from one experience to another, individually and generationally, building and building until it manifests in a constant seething undercurrent in our lives. It is the lifelong, mostly subconscious force fueling our human race. We are angry because of the Disrespect Philosophy’s powerful influence and effects regardless of its origins.”

Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

For You … Because Everyone Matters version, page 98


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Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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