“WE CANNOT Solve Our Problems With the Same Thinking that Created Them”

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them” so let us all keep reading, exploring, growing, creating, and innovating!

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November 16, 2018



Door 1? Door 2? or Door 3?

There is the saying when one door closes another opens, but I’ve discovered doors close because we think we have to settle for what was or what is rather than for what can be.

For me, I knew there was a Door 3, but I couldn’t seem to open it, so I kept drifting in and out of Doors 1 and 2.

Door 1 was the traditional, conventional path everyone wanted me to take. The safe, do-a-normal job people I know do.

Door 2 was another traditional, conventional path, but one of giving  up and settling for whatever as a failure, regarded as a lazy so-and-so and/or an unrealistic dreamer who would never amount to much.

Door 3, however, I did not see until in my forties. At first, I was eager to see what was behind Door 3, but when I opened it, what was required excited me, but scared people in my life, which is a big reason I closed Door 3, drifting in and out of Doors 1 and 2 for many years.

Because of the influence of people I loved and others too, falsely believing they knew what was best for me, I kept making the wrong, same choices until there was no one left to turn to for they are even more jaded than I.

Now, with income Door 1 closed and being shoved out of Door 2’s provisions, I finally put my hand firmly on Door 3 and pushed hard.

And finally, with the full commitment, dedication, and willingness, what I needed … the ideas and their solutions surround and fill me with excitement again.

For me to walk up to, open, and walk through I had to believe in me and my dreams and who made that possible is my renewed faith in God. Not the God I was taught as a Catholic girl, which was filled with much hypocrisy, but the one I have discovered reading the Bible for myself.

Some people regard believing in God as a weakness. I didn’t, but grew to. Plus, I was angry about the God I was erroneously taught about. I couldn’t make sense out of what I saw and experienced, but I do now, mostly. And what I don’t understand, I finally accept I may never understand and that’s okay.

Truth be told, I am strong in many ways. I have been gifted with the unique combination of talents I need to fulfill my life’s purpose, which was behind Door 3. Yet I know now, where I am weak, I draw on superhuman, not human strength.

Believe or not, the choice is yours to make, but I will tell you this … never, ever in my adult life have I felt so loved, peaceful, trusting, hopeful, and joyful. Plus, the answers I have needed to fulfill my purpose of helping people with my creativity are now flooding my life. Just watch. You will see things happen you never thought could and you may even begin to think you want what I have.

The good news is it is yours to receive too … for your unique self and purpose too.

Door 3 awaits.

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier


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September 7, 2018                                   

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Original Poem, “TEACH ME”

P-Teach Me


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August 8, 2018

“The Narrowing of MINDS”

“How do you measure creativity if you never find it in the first place? As mentioned earlier, a concerning gaming glitch I have noticed over the past five to eight years is that youth are progressively less aware of their creative potential. Today, many kids don’t lose the creativity, they never find it.”

“They never become aware of the talent they potentially possess. Instead the “talent” is applied to gaming (and all i-media for that matter). This to me is a great tragedy, not only to the individual but to society as a whole.”

From I-Minds by Mari K. Swingle, page 73. New Society Publishers

On a personal note, my education in the 60’s and 70’s in a farming and industrial community did not make me aware of my talent, but did what it could to suppress any creative talent. The focus was becoming skilled as a worker to get a “real” job. Took me years, many tears, and much pain to correct my perspective about myself and to put myself on the right career track for me.

Whatever might have or is derailing your life, take your life back and do what is yours to do. Say your regrets for not knowing or standing up for yourself … until now … and move on in the most respectful and loving way you can for yourself and others … because being with people for the wrong reasons serves neither of you and in the end, hurts you both more than necessary.

Be bold. Be courageous. Be who you really are! You are worth it!

June 27, 2018


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DEALING WITH Criticism, Judgment, and Condemnation

Putting down others is a cultural past time. In fact, sometimes it looks as though criticizing, judging, and condemning others is a recreational sport of sorts.

Ashamedly I confess, I played the condemnation game for a long time. I was quick to point out what was wrong with others and still have to check myself from engaging in the game.

Admittedly, I discovered I played the game because I was taught by experience. I was taught by the experience of others criticizing, judging, and condemning me for my differences, so I got in on the game.

I got so good that before most people could even begin an assault, I had already won and walked away.

Makes for a lonely existence, especially if you don’t want to be surrounded by people playing the same game.

In other words, I had to stop playing the cruel game born of insecurity and fear.

The bad habit was like breaking any addiction. First there was denial. Then justification and rationalization. Some temper tantrums fueled by a lot of anger … at others for the deception and cruelty and at myself for going along with what I knew was wrong … because I knew how it felt to be on the receiving end.

But until I got the help I needed, which for me was research and study, I kept going in circles without much success in dealing with people dishing out and also no longer participating.

Along the way, I discovered who I really was and what I wanted to do.

And wow, though I previously thought I had experienced quite a bit of the three with my non-average personality type made much more complicated by some very traumatic experiences, I really was not prepared for the onslaught being an original would attract.

Even more surprised I was when I started sharing how developing a personal relationship with God through studying the Bible (an amplified version has made it more user-friendly) gave me the courage I needed to keep forging ahead on my unique path.

Lots of psychology books helped me, but since my path of becoming the writer I was meant to be also included what I was experiencing spiritually, I had to turn to other people to stay on track rather than get derailed by those, for whatever their personal reasons are, choose not to believe in God and his desire to be actively engaged in our lives.

Joyce Meyer, an American televangelist reminded me in her book, Trusting God Day By Day, to “Quit Picking On Yourself.” She shares how Paul’s faithfulness (page 63) was questioned and his reaction. “I do not care what you think. I do not even judge myself,” because he knew if he got out of line for the purpose given him, God would correct him.

Not anyone else could correct him because he was working directly with God.

As I now am, so whatever others believe, say, or do no longer determines my reactions and destiny.

Of course, this also precludes me from criticizing, judging, and condemning other people too, so I have to self-monitor to keep old habits at bay.

Instead, I am to educate, inspire, and even entertain people to motivate them to stop wasting their valuable life time on things that is not theirs to do anything about and to encourage them to engage when it is theirs to do something about.

Not that does not mean we don’t step in when others are harming others. That we must do in whatever capacity we are called to do also.

One of the greatest rewards from no longer playing the criticizing, judging, and condemning game is the freed gift of time so I can pursue what is mine to pursue.

It’s a “live let live” mentality we all need to thrive … peacefully.

June 18, 2018


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Retirement … For You or Not?

I never did get the retirement idea, so I have never had plans for it, maybe because I don’t have children and grandchildren, but even then I just can’t imagine not being productive, especially now when I feel like I am just getting started in the life I truly want to create and live!

Discovering my purpose and all the talents, skills, and experience I have now to serve others while I grow my own vision has been the best part of my life so far … therefore I can’t see myself stopping doing what makes me happy and fulfilled … as this movie reveals too.


Thanks for the film, The Intern, which reveals the retirement dilemma and the opportunities to be explored.

Whoever you are, don’t just follow the most traveled path unless you really want to … otherwise you will regret it as I learned from my earlier years when I did what others approved of and expected … because your life deserves your best attention and efforts!

April 4, 2018


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ALL of US Must Do What We Can To Stop and Prevent What Can Be Stopped and Prevented

Bravo Eva for your determination that got you through the horrors and that empowered you to share your experiences and what you saw … thank you! Your story, along with many others’ stories, has been the catalyst compelling me to find a way to reduce and prevent such atrocities again.

The result was the development of the “Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle” concept, company, books, products, and services for the global initiative … because everyone matters. And I am delighted to know you not only survived, you thrived!


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January 31, 2018