“If you were NEVER ENCOURAGED to “be yourself,” or if you ARE CONFUSED about your true nature …”

“Throughout life, circumstances can either work for or against your good type development. In addition to parents and teachers, we are also influenced by siblings, peers, and the culture in which we grow up. Consider this: Over 50 percent of the American population is made up of Extraverted Sensors. Only about 4 percent of the American population comprises, Introverted Intuitives.  Strong messages permeate our culture that its’ better to be the former (action-oriented, social, pragmatic, and practical) than the latter (thoughtful, introspective, complex, and creative).”

“Pressure to be what you aren’t can cause lifelong confusion … “

“If you were never encouraged to “be yourself,” or if you are confused about your true nature, take heart. We have found that Type can help lead people to a productive, fulfilling life based on a sound understanding of their true natures.”

Excerpt from pages 90 and 91 of “Do What You Are” by Paul D. Tieger, Barbara Barron, and Kelly Tieger, 2014, Little Brown & Company

Their work and expertise on the subject of Type is based on the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) that is revolutionizing as well as healing my and my personal and professional life.

I’m confident the knowledge can help anyone become the better version of his or her self too.

With all my heart, hoping you too will become the best version of yourself.



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February 22, 2019