PERSPECTIVE … “Dealing With Aggression in Children”

“The researchers suggested that pediatricians can reassure parents that these behaviors are normal in small children, but also guide parents, right from the beginning, in setting limits and responding in ways that may help — redirecting or distracting a child — rather than by punishing the child with anger, yelling or spanking.”

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April 15, 2019


Finally restored in body, mind, and spirit, I’m  back on the moving forward path. Yesterday I discovered a reasonable-priced Lake Ontario community yesterday to call home. Preparations to move continue, as does my work, and waiting on God for the financial means to make my relocation happen by restoring financial independence, including being debt free again and becoming a lender (a kind, compassionate, merciful, and respectful one) rather than a borrower.

Grateful too for my references for the five years I co-rented a Mimico-by-the-Lake (Etobicoke South) apartment and the year I was blessed to rent a Kincardine apartment two blocks from Dad and one block from where I worked so he could visit me easily before his needs required my 24 hour availability.

Now I realize I should have pushed harder for him to live with me because then the money used to pay for his homes could have paid for our home and also for my being on hand 24 hours a day rather than what he endured at those places and what I endured from not being able to work. (A great example is the movie, “Proof,” with Gwyneth Paltrow, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Anthony Hopkins. And yes, I still would have got burn out like she did, but I would have recovered faster, including financially.)

And though I had been debt free since the late 90’s and had to go into debt to be there for Dad and to help him, I know God will vindicate me and make me a lender and a blessing, rather than a borrower … in His time.

However, being in debt and not able to secure a good paying job because of the resulting low credit rating, and not being able to repay as people wanted because of not having enough money to live let alone repay debt promptly has also been quite enlightening. Experiencing the very dark abusive side of the credit world and the lengths some creditors, especially a “respected” Canadian bank, is beyond shocking, even though I have repeatedly restated my promise to pay back when I could rather than file for bankruptcy. There’s a book to be written on this subject for sure 😏

Whatever your challenges, there’s always more than one way to look at and overcome them when we realize we don’t have to try to do it alone.

Happy Sunday! Happy Future!


Advocate Educator Writer Social Entrepreneur & Founder

Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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April 7, 2019


Which UNIVERSITY To Choose?

Considering rolling my college/university credits into an “Individual Studies” or “Multidisciplinary Program” for a BA Degree.

I may even be able to apply the books I’ve written, the Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle concept, company, and global initiative I’ve developed and launched, the play I have written, am producing, directing, and filming for schools and communities, etc. as credits too. Only time will tell. As for the university, there are several to consider.

Options … lots of options … more than we may realize … so have fun and explore!

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier


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August 13, 2018                                     

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There Are Always Options, Including the “Difficult” Conversations

A recent experience inspired me to write this for anyone seething underneath with some negative emotion and then acting out … either at yourself or others, even those not the source of the problem.
There is always a choice even though the alternatives may seem too hard. Nonetheless, having the needed conversation, which is always an option, though not necessarily an easy one, is still better in the end rather than ignoring the problem … because as much as we erroneously believe the problem will go away, it will not and it will also result in various levels of destruction in our own health, in our relationships, and in our connection … or disconnection with the world.
I know this because repeatedly I have been there and done and it never solved the problem. Now, I do press to have the needed conversations, no matter how difficult, in order to do what I can do to resolve strife … because then I can walk, rather than run or hide away, leaving the other party to make their choice, so I can decide what to do based on the conversation, everyone’s decisions and actions.
Still, the outcome is not always what we want, but in the end is always the best … a higher Respect Level action that will at the very least free us from what tears so many up inside and hardens hearts.
Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, The Respect Specialist
April 16, 2016

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Raising my Respect Level was a healing process that took years because of the lack of such a device as the Respect Scale and the philosophy presented in Connecting the Dots … with The Respect Principle books, products, and services. The research, analysis, and development of the core concept empowered me to reclaim the parts of me discarded or oppressed due to lack of approval or support, including writing as a profession, to educate, inspire, and entertain through the establishment of my company … a social business venture, a for-profit business, dedicated to meeting the social need of raising individual and humanity’s Respect Level for the benefit of all people.

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