2020 Marks 25th Anniversary

This April marks the most important anniversary of my life.

No, the anniversary is not a wedding anniversary, which for some people can sometimes just be a marker of time, rather than a celebration of love or a work anniversary.

Instead, for me, this 25th anniversary marks something more important than a passage of time to me–it marks the year when unconditional love cracked opened my hardened heart.

A multitude of reasons, since I was a child, shutdown my ability to love unconditionally, which you will be able to read about in my upcoming book, Carpenter’s Daughter, but that is not the point of today’s story.

Instead, the point of today’s story focuses on the time and place of meeting someone who served as the final catalyst that thrust me into the life I was destined to live, rather than the life I was living to get and keep people’s approval, plus to feel safe and protected.

The circumstances; the timing, the place, and the person all came together perfectly. A self-discovery journey had revealed my passion, writing, especially to help, inspire, and motivate people to discover and realize their unique potential, healing them through the process.

A husband and other people in my life who did not approve or like the changes I was making to our lives, revealed a hunger for approval and to be liked for who I really was and was working to reclaim.

Admittedly, I was prone to running away from problems because when I was younger I had not developed the relationship skills I needed for healthy relationships, but that was changing from the personal work I was doing, in part, catalyzed by a year and a half working with a psychologist to deal with trauma resulting from my formative years and my determination to become the best version of myself.

How much work I had yet to do revealed itself when I met him.

An Easter Monday in April was the mark of passage. My first day on a new job, a three-day-a-week  contract merchandising job for a souvenir company resulted in my standing in a line up of warehouse workers awaiting their direction from a small Asian man. Dismissed from the early morning meeting, we broke from our line, and that is when I saw him.

Well, it was not so much as seeing a tall, lean man walk in another direction from where I was stationed for my training, but a tingly sense in my gut, invoking the words in my head, “Oh no, I am in trouble.”

I had no idea what these words would really mean over time, how my life was going to be affected, and altered beyond expectations.

Of course, first came the final destruction of the life I had been living and knew in my heart I had to leave. And sadly the destruction of the good reputation I had established as a hard worker that previously exceeded expectations

In other words, I made an absolute fool of myself.

For a variety of reasons, healthy boundaries were not something I had learned or developed over the years. Plus, the traumas I had experienced made me very skittish, pushing me away from what I knew was an incredible thing because I was afraid I thought meeting might be my total undoing, while also compelling me to act compulsively, though not in good ways.

The net result was a lot of confusion and pain that clouded incredible clarity and joy. Suddenly, several years later, all the players in this drama were living their separate distant lives.

As time went by, the confusion and pain ebbed and faced, but not the clarity and joy. As if yesterday, I remembered, rediscovered and reclaimed the unconditional love I experienced during the times we spent together working or hanging out: the unconditional love I have finally learned to give myself and others, further made possible by the ever-present unconditional love I am experiencing these days as I study the Bible and accept God’s unconditional love.

No, the man, whose soul reached into mine and helped bring me back to life, is not with me physically, yet he always deep within me, which is why I am writing today to say “Thank you” for being the perfect person at the perfect time for my return to love.

So, Happy 25th Anniversary to me and to the man who was a crucial catalyst on my healing journey. I hope your life now is all your heart and soul needs it be for you to thrive too.


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January 18, 2020









A Personal Story About Reclaiming One’s Identity

Today I realized I needed to tally up my writing time spread out in bits and pieces over several years while I was doing other work. The actual real time for the volume of work I have written only adds up to a little over two years.


  • Honourable Mention, Literature Award
  • November National Novel Writing Month Award for completing the challenge by writing a 50,000 word novel in November, which I actually completed in three weeks
  • For my company’s blog, http://www.connectingthedotswiththerespectprinciple.com, I write and share other people’s articles relevant to the blog’s focus. The blog has followings from over 70 countries
  • Wrote and published in print a 100 limited edition copies of mu first Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle book
  • Wrote and recorded in a studio the splay, Charles Choice, to address bullying in schools. The play has now become the cornerstone for presenting the Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle in schools and in future, as part of a school video production contest
  • Wrote and epublished several non-fiction and children’s fiction books through Smashwords, an American ebook retailer and distributor, but removed the books when informed by the founder that what sold best in ebook format is adult fiction. Still have one short story and a small book available for sale on Smashwords
  • During my first year of writing, kick-started by essay writing for university in my forties, 700 poems, 40 short stories that included six of my Little Jack children’s series, and my first book poured out of me in stream-of-conscious writing. Several poems and short stories were published, and even paid for, by literary journals, trade magazines, trade journals, newspapers, a university newsletter, and anthologies. An anthology, Shore Words, dedicated to Lake Huron was published by a Port Elgin, Ontario publisher that hosted a press event with book signing by the 26 contributors that I participated in as writer of the poem, Rolling Thunder. My first book received interest from an Arizona publisher, but I declined the offer at the time due to its very personal and damaging content

All of these writing achievements resulted even without my having high school English, but after the writing my GED, passing a few English courses in business school, and my essay writing for a few York university courses before I dropped out in my forties, though the high university marks served as the catalyst to my rediscovering and reclaiming my writing aspirations.

And all of these writing achievements were also accomplished while I was doing other jobs that I excelled at, but were stifling and frustrating for me even though they included writing reports, newsletters, etc. Why I spent a lifetime doing other jobs rather than what is a natural fit for me, writing, was because people convinced me, for whatever reasons, that writing was and still is not a real job. Yet one only has to look at our world, driven more than ever by the written word to know the exact opposite is true.

But my writing successes that would normally have been accomplished in a few years reveals the deepest truth of who I really am (an introvert/geek/nerd/seeker/researcher/book reader/ writer) and what work is right for me, so now I am applying for freelance writing jobs as well as writing (blog posts, books, and grant applications) for my social business venture.

The good news is this big picture realization certainly gave me the confidence boost to not settle for anything less than the writing life I dreamt of when I was a child. And I am sharing my story not just to secure freelance writing work and grants for my social business venture, but because my experience serves as a vital message to anyone that it is never too late to be who we really are.

And personally, I thank God for all I am and have yet to be.


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Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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July 14, 2019

Revised July 18, 2019


ENIGMA …What Many “MBTI” Introverts Are to “MBTI” Extroverts and How Not Knowing This is Destroying Our World



enig·​ma | \ i-ˈnig-mə
, e-\

Definition of enigma

1 : something hard to understand or explain
2 : an inscrutable or mysterious person
3 : an obscure speech or writing

Definition from https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/enigma

Dominating the American population and likely many others, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator “Extroverted” Personality Types are a talkative bunch. They talk to process their thoughts, talk to communicate, talk for stimulation, congregate to get energized, and sometimes they listen also. They like group activities, the more the merrier as it ramps up their brain activity. It’s how they function best.

Not so much for Introverts.

On the contrary, the other part of the population are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator “Introverted” Personality Types, of which I am one, can get burnt out spending too much time with “Extroverts” simply because the external stimulation combined with their own high internal stimulation is overwhelming, while an “Extrovert” spending too much time with “Introverts” can become lethargic, etc. from the lack of external stimulation.

Some people erroneously think introvert means shy, but like many “Introverts,” I’m not shy, in fact I am quite bold, though it may have appeared that way when I had been conditioned to believe I wasn’t up to par with all the “Extroverts” in my life. What none of us knew at the time is that I just  needed quiet time, especially alone time, not because I was being snobbish or thinking myself better than others, but simply because inside my mind is a very active place driven by an internal versus external drive, so quiet surroundings stop me from becoming overloaded with stimulation. Quiet time alone is also where my best problem-solving and creative processing functions best.

As of result of an “Extrovert’s” and an “Introvert’s” natural brain-processing differences, a lot of misunderstanding, confusion, fear, and even prejudice can be generated because some people are so very different from what is familiar to us.

Today is Good Friday, which for Christians means, recognizing the day when Jesus Christ was persecuted and killed for His differences born of people’s fears, ignorance, and resulting prejudice.

Jesus was an enigma … the most mysterious human of all and contradictory to what was deemed acceptable. Therefore the fearful majority demanded His death and the leader of the time, for political reasons, knew he had no choice but to follow their demand, so Jesus was not only killed, but was also made a symbolic spectacle of what would happen to those different from the majority.

Today, the world is still filled with people different from us and of course, the most mysterious to the majority, the “Extroverts” are the “Introverts.”

If an “Introvert” is successful, the mystery surrounding him or her is captivating. Take for instance Keanu Reeves. The attached link takes us to a GQ interview of Keanu, where the interviewer seeks to get the answers many seek about this enigmatic man.


But the thing is, as a high-level “Introvert” I get Keanu even though I do not know him personally nor all the details of his life because I don’t have to in order to know how he works. What I do know is that what people see in photos and on film is what he chooses to reveal for his profession, similar to the ice of an iceberg one sees above the surface, in contrast to the bulk of his essence that lies below the surface.

It is the same for me, but since I am not successful yet, I am not so intriguingly mysterious as I am harshly and incorrectly judged even though I have been working on a body of work that will help raise the standard of living and quality of life of all people. I tried to straddle both worlds, working in the “Extroverts” world, but then I had nothing left energy wise for the “Introverted” world of analysis, problem-solving, and creation of a body of work to help every child, every person, experience being valued … respected simply for being a life … because the world we have created was and is tearing my heart and soul apart with every account of disrespect … neglect, abuse, and violence.

Enigma. Yes, we all enjoy a little bit of mystery in life, but let us not let fear and the resulting prejudice take hold where respect, compassion, and even love need to be to co-create the better world we all want to live in.


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Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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April 19, 2019






Why TED Just Could Be MY TRIBE

During his Super Soul Sunday interview by Oprah legendary surfer Laird Hamilton shared how difficult life was for him until he “found his tribe.”

I sense I may just have found mine … finally 😊



Ever since I was a little girl I have been driven to stand up for those being hurt or harmed, even when I couldn’t or didn’t know how to stand up for myself in a good way. For a while, because of what I saw and experienced, I became incredibly angry at the world and people. I lashed out until I found the answers and healing I needed, plus a tool to help create the needed changes.

And now I know leaving behind my loved ones to live their lives as they choose with their families is not about leaving them behind, but about moving towards the family I have been waiting for … people dedicating their lives to others with their children … not actual children but with their creative, innovative ideas like my “Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle.”

Thank God for turning all the bad into something good and useful.


Human/Animal Rights Activist Social Scientist Founder Entrepreneur Author Artist

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July 15, 2018

HEALTH and WELLNESS … Past, Present, and Future

The last years with Dad, participating in clinical trials/medical studies, getting baseline blood work by an endocrinologist, and my quest to stay strong and healthy are teaching me the changes I need to make to continue living as a healthy person not requiring any medications.
Sure, it would be nice if we didn’t have to change our eating habits, but if we don’t the body reacts in ways we won’t like. I think of Dad and how he needed to make changes, but his habits were so ingrained and it seemed cruel also to force the changes on him that he didn’t understand or want.
I’ve seen so many other people too not changing and my heart goes out to them and the other challenges they face by not making the required changes for a healthy longevity. I’ve seen the debilitating and sad consequences in retirement and long-term care homes being with Dad during his last three years.
I still have work to do, but I did quit smoking and drinking coffee over twenty years ago. And interestingly enough, I have not had to take much medication since then.
Of course, there are other factors that helped, mostly my learning about what works best for me and my growing “Respect Level” to keep learning and adapting. I’m successfully decreasing my sugar and gluten addiction, both of which are detrimental to my body, however, I am grateful I have never had the addictions of drugs and alcohol. Not because of a sense of superiority, but because in my teens, I learned by experience what can happen to a girl when she no longer has her wits about her and will be taken advantage of by predators waiting for such opportunities.
On a more positive note, now that my energy level is being restored by a better balance of rest and nutrition, I am able to enjoy cycling again rather than just cycling just because I have to because I don’t have my own car again … yet ; – )
Dear readers, whatever you are doing this weekend/week, I hope part of your time is spent taking good care of you too. And if you already are, bravo for being a good example!
Kaitlin Ann Trepanier
June 24, 2018


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The Wonder of Blooming Into Our Unique Potential … A Personal Story

Wow, what changes in me!

For years, I disliked drawing any attention to myself, whether having to speak in a classroom or to lead a meeting, because I was insecure, nervous, and even scared.

Plus, I am more naturally introverted, though I can be quite extroverted at times.

Earlier in my life I was more likely to be more extroverted when it came to standing up for others because I got very angry at those who hurt others in any way and/or being defiant because I did not know how to stand up for myself in a good way.

Thankfully I have changed considerably, in many ways, since my “Respect Level” rose high enough for me to realize it is okay and even important to stand up for one’s self … to demonstrate equal respect for one’s self as much as for others.

I am grateful also for my early years’ employers, who saw my potential and encouraged me to step up by placing me in leadership roles at a young age, for other subsequent opportunities that forced me to step out of my comfort zone to speak up, and for the three Toastmasters’ groups I participated in over the years, whose non-stop speaking opportunities helped me overcome my public speaking discomfort.

Why was public speaking something I had to be comfortable with? Because I somehow knew public speaking would be an important skill I would need in the future as I would continue to stand up and speak for those who cannot, for whatever reason, speak up for themselves yet.

Now in preparation to explain to the world why and the benefits of adopting respect as a global principle with my TED Talk, I am grateful to all who are helping me, including Bridgette Raes below, become the public speaker and the company leader “Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle” needs for everyone to feel valuable … respected … in order to become also who they are meant to be.



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March 2, 2018