Connecting Respect … “Mental Illness is Not …”

NO ONE is perfect because we are all human. We each have our challenges though some of our challenges are more visible than others.

I admire everyone who gets up everyday and does their best with that they believe.

And I salute those who bravely examine their beliefs, discard what no longer fits them, plus explores, discovers, and embraces new beliefs to further develop his or her unique self and potential.

PERSONALLY, my unique challenge has been, even with my many successes, has been overcoming experiences and feelings that made me feel small, insignificant, worthless, and a failure because I did not know and therefore did not respect and love myself unconditionally … but thank God, that has changed! Wishing the same for everyone!

February 4, 2018


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Predictability Versus Unpredictability … A Personal and Professional Perspective

A recent reconnect with the only employer I was embarrassed to reconnect with revealed more than predicted.

During a tumultuous time of change in my life, I applied for a seasonal, part-time job to generate additional household income, while not taxing my thinking and free time as I pondered what direction my life needed to take.

For four years, three days a week I visited three of the Toronto company’s key accounts to merchandise the company’s souvenir products. My performance also encouraged management to recruit me to a staff position to support the inventory control team and to serve as the in-warehouse production line supervisor.

However, during my employment with the company, my marriage was ending and I fell in love with a co-worker, all of which many people experience, but unfortunately how I handled myself during that time for years afterwards caused me to feel profound embarrassment and shame, especially since it was the only time I had allowed my personal problems to greatly affect my work performance.

On reflection, though I was not satisfied with my performance, the company obviously was since I was employed by them for four years. But it was only with my recent correspondence with the owner of the company of forty staff members that he shared his perspective.

Of course, the dialogue started with the letter I chose to write him few months ago, apologizing for my unprofessional behavioural at times during those four years.

Though we had only had a few interactions over the course of my employment, in his response letter, he was respectful and shared his perspective forthright. What he did recall about me was my talent, yet he also mentioned he recalled me as being unpredictable, though as I had explained there was a lot of tumult in my personal life that erupted into my professional life, including the discovery of my creative and entrepreneurial drive and talent.

In other words, I was experiencing an intense journey of self-discovery in my early forties because my dreams and talents had been squashed and/or squished into the predictable boxes my talents could be shoved into for the sake of familiarity and safety.

Many years later I can now put his words in context in ways he cannot do because he does not know me now. For instance, though I have further developed the talent he recalls, I have also discovered talents I was unaware of even then. And as for my unpredictability, I have also discovered the value of my “unpredictability” including how it has allowed my other talents … creativity … innovation … entrepreneurship … to rise up, be seen, and be developed in order to support the predictable elements of me … the most important being my passion to help people in any way I can.

For him and his company, helping people meant serving in a couple of capacities I mentioned above, yet as I have always been driven to do in any job, I also am driven to discover and develop more effective, efficient, and compassionate ways to support people and their goals.

And, as a result, I realize that it is precisely my creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial unpredictability, combined with my predictability of the sound business practices I developed at a young age and the sound personal practices I have developed since my employment by his company that I now am a whole, well-rounded individual … not only with the visions and dreams of what is possible, the unpredictable, but also with the logical, practical, and predictable skills needed to transform the visions and dreams into realities … everything that makes me the innovative social entrepreneur I now am.

As I have learned regarding all matters of life, one’s perspective is always key. Significantly too, I know predictability will only generate predictable … known … results, so if we want better, more, growth, change, etc., we must step out of the world of predictable into the unpredictable. And taking that step is called living.

Thank you IW for helping me to connect more of the dots of who I was, am and have yet to be.



December 4, 2016

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Dumbing Down … Promoting Fragmentation and Industrial-Age Mentality … How Does it Make You Feel?

Wouldn’t you rather be encouraged, supported, and nurtured rather than being told to “be less” so you will be accepted and approved of and will not threaten other people because you were taught to show yourselves as less … like a wild animal has to do with the leaders of the packs in order not to be cast out?

What do we teach people, of all ages, when we counsel them to not show and tell what all of their talents and skills are? Why do people believe it is better that people get to know us personally by experience before we let our unique personality and character shine through on paper?

As an employer, wouldn’t we want to know someone’s range of natural talents and abilities when viewing their Resumes? From a business planning perspective, even if the job someone is applying for does not require all their talents, skills and experience, would business owners be wiser hiring people who will not only grow with the business, but also help grow the business? Yes, some people will leave if your business does not keep them challenged and growing, yet isn’t their leaving an indicator to you that your business may not be growing and adapting to the times.

How will we know who and what we are hiring if people are being counseled to hide abilities we may want even more than the ones we are searching for now?

The business world is changing. Hiring people to do the same thing over and over again with little change is increasingly a thing of the past in our information-age driven world. Adaptability and flexibility are the key needs of business now, not stagnancy and smallness … both of which do not foster a thriving workforce nor the innovation to continuously adapt and grow, all of which continuously develops people’s talents and skills.

Telling people to live small creates small mindsets that become dependent on staying small and instead of fostering independence conditions people to become reliant on those who told them to stay small … even when such businesses lay off or close, resulting in higher employment and social services payouts.

Ultimately dumbing down people costs even more … the mindset creates more frustrated people who turn to addictions to deal with their frustrations … more unhealthy people who, as a result of such addictions, increase health and correctional care costs … more secrets and lies that imprison people in the shadows of who they can be and that foster acts of revenge …from the small ones of gossip, acts of minor theft and destruction to the big acts of white-collar crime and mass violence from people who have had enough of feeling small and insignificant.

Keep, press down on people long enough and the few with still enough resolve will launch a revolt … a revolution that does not have to be violent if we simply embrace a fresh perspective that recognizes all life is valuable and that how we all win is by nurturing, supporting and building up our natural resources … people … instead of destroying them the way we have ignorantly destroyed much of our wildlife and natural resources.

Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE is the fresh perspective to help us open take the caps off people’s potential … to embrace all those people … our pack … because we need everyone’s “best” to create the “best” world. And doing anything less, such as casting people out because we want each and every person to fit neatly into our boxed mindsets, will ultimately cost us, those who cast out, more than those who were cast out. Continue reading