“Which of these 6 Time Traps is Eating Up All Your Time?”

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On a personal note …

Recently tackled one time trap stealing my focus and time … being at the beck and call of a cell phone. No more. Now have set a healthy boundary by doing what we used to do when we did not have cell phones … we waited until we got home or at the very least, until we were on break or lunch … which is what I do now, except for evenings and Sundays … and what a relief the quiet is!

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November 8, 2020

Productivity … Balance … Faith

PRODUCTIVITY comes easy because society approves of it.
BALANCE does not come quite as easy because society prefers keeping people busy so they are too tired to see what needs to be seen and to change what needs to be changed..
FAITH is the hardest work I have ever done because I have learned we have to trust God 100%, which means giving up control and giving up what other people think about us and our choices.
After trying all three ways to live, FAITH in God wins by a landslide!


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July 21, 2018