What we don’t know or want to know … does hurt us … and our loved ones.

From page 33 of the January 2014 Scientific American Journal’s article,

The unconscious way we perceive people during the course of the day is a reflexive action. We must exert wilful, conscious effort to put aside the unexplained and sometimes unwarranted negative feelings that we may harbor towards others. The stronger the unconscious influence, the harder we have to work consciously to overcome it … The ability to regulate our own behavior, whether making friends, getting up to speed at a new job or overcoming a drinking problem-depends on more than genes, temperament and social support networks. It also hinges, in no small measure, on our capacity to identify and try to overcome the automatic impulses and emotions that in influence every aspect of our waking life. To make our way in the world, we need to learn to come to terms with our unconscious self.”

… which is one of the many reasons why I was blessed with gift of the idea, book, global initiative and one day, the not-for-profit foundation based on Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE. This article serves to reaffirm my commitment to generate the awareness and co-create the changes so we overcome the dark, limiting forces that limit so much of our potential as individuals and as a global nation.

February 12, 2014

Kaitlin A. Trepanier

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