Personal and Professional Relocation Update

Appreciating my planning/organizing talent, yet also my intuitive, higher-calling led flexibility as I am decluttering and packing, but also considering the options on how best to relocate to the north coast California area between San Francisco and Mendocino/Fort Bragg in the United States from the Toronto, Ontario in Canada.
1. Plane and train transportation is ruled out because putting my two cats in a baggage area of a plane or even a train is not an option.
2. At first, I though buying a used mini cargo van to drive my felines and I would be the best option, but others are popping into my mind.
3. Maybe sharing the ride with someone, in my vehicle or theirs, would be better for several reasons. We could share driving time and costs, plus have company to share the cross-country ride.
4. However, with a professional driving history, clean driving record, and previous experience driving in other countries, including in the United States, maybe driving someone else’s vehicle across country for them rather than have them ship their vehicle could work too.
5. Most importantly, I remain flexible, optimistic, and focused since I know the time has finally arrived … hooray!
And hey, know anyone who wants to share the epic adventure?
Considering these options also means rethinking my packing strategy. Rather than moving all my stuff, which will be no more than a mini cargo van full, I could put the majority, maybe even downsize a bit more, into a storage unit to ship out later once we are settled in our own space.
What I love about my life now is how all of me is being put to work in ways that fulfill me too. Doesn’t mean I have all the answers, but it does mean I have what it takes to do all I am to do … and of course, for me, that also means I have God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and a whole bunch of angels in angel and people form, helping me too, so doubt, fear, and such things no longer have a place in this life I feel called to do.
Wishing the same joyous fulfillment for you too!
P.S. Looking forward to also recruiting California’s north coast team to take “Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle” to its next level!



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Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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February 11, 2018

Dumbing Down … Promoting Fragmentation and Industrial-Age Mentality … How Does it Make You Feel?

Wouldn’t you rather be encouraged, supported, and nurtured rather than being told to “be less” so you will be accepted and approved of and will not threaten other people because you were taught to show yourselves as less … like a wild animal has to do with the leaders of the packs in order not to be cast out?

What do we teach people, of all ages, when we counsel them to not show and tell what all of their talents and skills are? Why do people believe it is better that people get to know us personally by experience before we let our unique personality and character shine through on paper?

As an employer, wouldn’t we want to know someone’s range of natural talents and abilities when viewing their Resumes? From a business planning perspective, even if the job someone is applying for does not require all their talents, skills and experience, would business owners be wiser hiring people who will not only grow with the business, but also help grow the business? Yes, some people will leave if your business does not keep them challenged and growing, yet isn’t their leaving an indicator to you that your business may not be growing and adapting to the times.

How will we know who and what we are hiring if people are being counseled to hide abilities we may want even more than the ones we are searching for now?

The business world is changing. Hiring people to do the same thing over and over again with little change is increasingly a thing of the past in our information-age driven world. Adaptability and flexibility are the key needs of business now, not stagnancy and smallness … both of which do not foster a thriving workforce nor the innovation to continuously adapt and grow, all of which continuously develops people’s talents and skills.

Telling people to live small creates small mindsets that become dependent on staying small and instead of fostering independence conditions people to become reliant on those who told them to stay small … even when such businesses lay off or close, resulting in higher employment and social services payouts.

Ultimately dumbing down people costs even more … the mindset creates more frustrated people who turn to addictions to deal with their frustrations … more unhealthy people who, as a result of such addictions, increase health and correctional care costs … more secrets and lies that imprison people in the shadows of who they can be and that foster acts of revenge …from the small ones of gossip, acts of minor theft and destruction to the big acts of white-collar crime and mass violence from people who have had enough of feeling small and insignificant.

Keep, press down on people long enough and the few with still enough resolve will launch a revolt … a revolution that does not have to be violent if we simply embrace a fresh perspective that recognizes all life is valuable and that how we all win is by nurturing, supporting and building up our natural resources … people … instead of destroying them the way we have ignorantly destroyed much of our wildlife and natural resources.

Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE is the fresh perspective to help us open take the caps off people’s potential … to embrace all those people … our pack … because we need everyone’s “best” to create the “best” world. And doing anything less, such as casting people out because we want each and every person to fit neatly into our boxed mindsets, will ultimately cost us, those who cast out, more than those who were cast out. Continue reading