A SHOUT OUT, THANK YOU, and PRAYER for all those who have fought and still do fight for freedom from tyranny and all its abuses!

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November 11, 2020

NOVEMBER … The IMPORTANT MONTH for Democracy and Humanity

This month, November 11th, we remember and honor those who fought for freedom in the past with Remembrance Day.

This month in the present and for the future, Americans vote on November 6th, to show the world what they value most.

And our own Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, had this to say about democracy and freedom in his book … “I made it clear that the Liberal Party needs to be a liberal party. By that I meant that the core values of liberalism–equality of economic opportunity and diversity of thought and belief, which I see as the building blocks of individual freedom, fairness, and social justice–ought to be cornerstones of the Liberal Party and its policies. I said that we needed to be a party that stood up for people’s rights to have a real and fair chance at success, regardless whether they were born rich or poor, where they come from or what, if any faith they professed.

It’s one thing to say these things in the abstract, it’s quite another to put them into practice.

Personally, I think diversity is Canada’s greatest success stories.

From Common Ground, page 281

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November 1, 2018






IN REMEMBRANCE … Transforming RESPECT From A Value to A Principle … A Foundational, Universal Truth For All

On this American Remembrance Day, there is much to regret, to mourn, and much to be grateful for … so let us honour all those who have paid with their lives by raising our “Respect Level” for all people. With great determination and compassion, let us discover and develop new ways of connecting and communicating to generate peace that disempowers thoughts and acts of violence and genocide.
November 24, 2016
With gratitude, respect, and love,

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