CONNECTING the DOTS COLUMN … Empowering Children with Empowering Knowledge

Since knowledge is power, it is understandable that many adults are hesitant, and even reluctant, to provide empowering knowledge to children. After all, what would happen if we truly provided children with the ability not only to learn facts, figures, or skills for a particular job, but the process of thinking, analysis and decision-making, along with a unified principle to aid their decision making in all aspects of their lives?

Withholding empowering knowledge from the majority of children is our greatest hindrance and barrier to the successful development of each person’s potential and their unique contribution to our world.

Interestingly, keeping up with the rapidly changing technological world is something many of us accomplish easier because though technology is charged with power, it is controlled power … but, in contrast, unleashing the power of knowledge on children and youth may feel uncontrollable … threatening. The idea that a child may refuse a request, say “No,” or make choices not approved of or sanctioned by one’s culture may seem threatening, but let us re-consider.

In Ontario, Canada the past year, Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne, chose to inject into the school curriculum in-depth sex education knowledge for children. Controversy arose by those who ridicule the attempt to educate children with the arguments that knowledge promotes promiscuity or contrasts with their family’s personal, religious, and/or cultural beliefs.

Yet, providing all children with the same practical physical and sexual knowledge they need to make good, healthy choices for themselves that they may not receive at home because of generational, cultural, religious, and other parental issues, such as non-communicative or abusive parental relationships, absent parents, being a foster child, etc., reveals the significant value of educating all children non-biasedly.

The same applies to the need to educate children with the liberal arts knowledge usually reserved for first-year university students … philosophy and humanities.

My introduction to both resulted when, in my mid-thirties, I enrolled in York University’s Bachelor of Science program with the intent to achieve a Ph.D. in psychology. Clearly I recall my Humanities professor telling us we knew nothing … that we were, in fact, at the bottom of the spiral because of our lack of knowledge. Our quest, therefore, was to keep moving up the spiral by continuous learning … and adapting … based on new knowledge gained.

At the time, the age I was and all I had experienced, I did not buy into his concept, but my past twenty years of research, study, and analysis revealed how much knowledge is withheld from children and teens that should not be withheld … because we are only hurting ourselves and humanity by doing so.

The best life skills we can provide to children are not just about the practicalities of daily living, but empowering them to understand the practical importance of their hearts and minds behind the choices they make.

If children are not taught unbiasedly that all people are to be valued … respected what hope do we have of resolving the numerous, preventable prejudicial conflicts the opposing belief … that a person or a group of people have to “earn” respect by meeting someone’s or some group’s “qualifiers” … generates?

We also have to look at the tremendous financial implications ignorance is costing humanity … money that could better be spent raising the standard of living and quality of life of all people … that, in turn, would result in more people contributing positively to the world with their unique gifts, talents, and abilities.

Let us also look at some of the other reasons for empowering every child.

We could save a child’s life by empowering him or her to challenge an adult. The adult could be someone who is hurting them in some way … neglecting their care, physically or sexually abusing them. By learning in school that they could go to another adult they were informed to go to, fewer children would suffer … and even fewer would pass on the same conditioning.

We could save a child’s life by empowering them to question a command from someone they know when their command is contrary to what they had been told by their caregivers. I think back to the five-year old a few years ago who left the school with a friend of the family and was brutally murdered. If that child had been empowered with the knowledge that she had the right to question the change of plans in front of her teacher or the principal, she would still be alive.

The list of reasons, unfortunately, could go on. However, the adaptation needed is up to us. We need to share our new knowledge, plus adapt ourselves and our education models to truly strengthen the children with the empowering knowledge needed for healthy, balanced, respectful living.



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October 27, 2015

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June 2, 2015


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We cannot control, especially in a rapidly developing technological world, what children or anyone of any age, will learn … this can be a good thing, especially because the knowledge people need to realize more of their potential is increasingly at their fingertips … and no longer exclusively available to the few who could afford higher-level education.

To take advantage of the wealth of knowledge available to develop our potential to our and our children’s upmost capabilities, we must accept that no matter what a school’s curriculum is, what matters most is, as it is for all of us, what we do with what we read, hear, see … and experience.

Children are learning at all times. Their brains are like sponges, soaking up everything they see, hear, feel, and experience. They absorb how you talk to them, touch them, and treat them. They absorb how you interact with others … how you talk to … and about other people. They soak up every little nuance … they develop their personal beliefs based on their observations and experiences … personal beliefs that will direct how they process the information they receive from the outside world … in school, in their community, on television, and on the world wide web.

The most important knowledge children need from parents is the knowledge how to process and manage all the data and information they are bombarded with from all sources … but more importantly, the most important guide and tool children … we all need … is to know … deep in our hearts and souls … that we are valuable … worthy of respect … as is everyone else … and with the personal belief … wisdom … children … all of us … are empowered to sift through all the data, information, and knowledge so we can transform it with our personal beliefs into the gold that will enable every individual to continuously strive to learn … and as a result, to continuously, throughout one’s whole life, to develop into the person one is capable of being because of one’s natural gifts, talents, abilities … one’s personal belief that they are valuable … worthy of respect … for being the unique individual they are.

Which ultimately means parents, as well as their children, need to keep learning … to keep growing … to continuously take in new knowledge … to change … adapt … and grow … teaching their children the most valuable lesson of all … life is a journey … there will be many challenges and hurdles … many joys and victories … yet, no matter what … who they are is not based on what has the power to shape them … but what they choose to shape them.

Though a school curriculum is important, in reality, it is an increasingly smaller piece of the world that can shape a life … because there are also the teachers … how the information is presented … the school’s environment … etc. etc. etc. We cannot control all a child or anyone is going to exposed to … and nor should we … because we would stagnate as individuals … and as a global community … but what we can control is the most important.

We all need to, especially parents, focus on building a high “Respect-Level” in ourselves so children will develop the same or an even higher “Respect Level” … because then, as a result, no matter what they encounter in the outside world, we can be confident they are prepared with the best education they need to be successful in managing what the world throws at them … in a formal classroom or the classroom of life.

February 25, 2015

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