“So, as Einstein would have it, there is no necessary conflict between science and religion—or between science and “religious feelings.”

By Michael Gallagher for Nautilus on Pocket Worthy

“How Einstein Reconciled Religion to Science”

“Why Einstein did not see religion as the enemy.”

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Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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June 10, 2019



Any one-sided perspective that does not allow other people to choose based on their free will … is not a symbol of freedom, but a symbol of one person or group’s need to have everyone be like them so they feel okay with their beliefs.

The most powerful leaders do not lead by fear, but by the strength of their character … their beliefs … their heart … and compassion for those they lead … yet also serve by leading.

The “Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE” concept was designed to surpass the barriers of religion, politics, race, etc. because as evidenced by the world, humanity struggles with the concept of valuing … respecting … others who are not in agreement with them, who do not reflect their choices, with believing they have to like or approve of everyone in the world.

Valuing … respecting a person or a group of people simply means to live and let live … to be humane .. to help others less fortunate than ourselves … to protect those who cannot protect themselves … to actively engage in the world we live … connecting the dots that reveals the big picture … what we do to others or do not do will impact our own lives somewhere down the line.

Based on The Bible, the living word Christians believe in, other than Christmas, and even more so, this is the most important two days of the year … when Christ was crucified on Good Friday and was resurrected on Easter Sunday.

If we could grow past our history … if we could at least unite and adopt the one concept, that all life is valuable … worthy of respect … we could obliterate the prejudices that not only separate us and compel some people to harm, imprison, and even kill those who don’t share their beliefs, we could create an economic balance previously unseen and would empower the human race to move past the limitations imposed by prejudices.

Making someone wrong through prejudice does not make someone else right … it makes two wrongs.

When we are willing to see beyond ourselves, we start to connect the dots and see the bigger picture of the world … and when we start to see our place in the world as someone valuable … entitled to respect for just being a life, we gain the ability to see others the same way … and we see our place in the world as valid and important as everyone else … because regardless of what you have, own, take … we all come into this world in the same way and we go out the same way … with nothing but what is in our hearts and minds. If we do not give other people the freedom and right to choose their own beliefs that do not harm others, then what we have is not freedom … instead we are bound by the prison of prejudice till we free others … and ourselves.

Though I was raised a Catholic, for several reasons I rejected the religion at an early ago and studied other religions and philosophies. In fact, so influenced by our culture’s strong reliance, almost religious fanaticism on science and my negative experiences with religion, the “Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE” was developed because of its logic, practicality, and even its dispassionate compassion.

Still, I found the concept, like many other religions and philosophies, did not satisfy a deeper yearning inside of me … the more profound that seeks deeper answers … so in the past few years I returned to Christianity by studying The Bible for myself and surprises abounded … especially surprises that generated freedom from judging and condemning others, peace, hope, and more positive feelings than I have ever experienced in my lifetime. I share this because I know from experience how both concepts, one scientific and philosophical and the other spiritual, not religious, are transforming me from being a hurt, frustrated, depressed, fearful, and angry woman into a healed, whole, more peaceful, and if not always loving, at least a respectful woman … who values other people and their differences and who works to find ways to bring more peace to the world, to encourage the ongoing development of potential, and to help us all connect to co-create a better world for each and every person … because both concepts have taught me everyone comes into this world with unique gifts, talents, and abilities intended to contribute to good of the whole … if we show them how by example and by our support.

This Easter weekend, my question is “What have your beliefs taught and yielded for you?”

April 4, 2015


Freeing “Potential” with Education, Entertainment, and Inspiration with the global initiative and core book Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE … because every child … every person … should know, by their own experience, they are valued … RESPECTED.

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We are harmed by our past when we are not aware of its impact on our present and future … personally and collectively.

The scientific field of psychology continues to prove this theory, especially through the practice of psychotherapy and psychological profiling. History reveals that without change, what happened before will happen again. The Bible also affirms the same premise of repetition though the past influence is referred to as a generational influence.

Parents are not perfect. They are people who bring their own baggage to raising a child … unless they first examine their childhood and youth to discover the patterns established when they were being raised.

However, the purpose is not to lay blame on parents, but to recognize what was helpful, but also what was harmful … and needs to be recognized and healed in order for the same baggage …. negative and limiting patterning not to be passed on to the next generation. This process, used in psychotherapy empowers us to “connect the dots” especially the dots related to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are limiting, hurtful, and even destructive to ourselves and others in all of our relationships … family, friends, workmates, acquaintances, and also greatly impacts how we relate, or not, to leadership in schools, community, and even politically.

The same applies to a culture. Repeating the past just for the sake of repeating the past reveals the conditioned limited thinking that only the past is worth repeating … even if it is harmful … because it is familiar.

But we are not our parents and our children are not us. We are not the global nation we were and we do not have to continue to be what we were or are now.

Unfortunately most people do not have the luxury of time and finances to undergo individual psychotherapy to help them discover what their underlying issues are connected to their parents’ influence and the consequences the unconscious or subconscious conditioning is creating in their lives.

However, fortunately there is another more logical, practical, and compassionate way to not only help people discover and heal from their negative conditioning and unfulfilled needs. The way is to establish the universal truth that every life is valuable … worthy of respect … so we can start putting into place guides and tools to help people realize with the way our world has functioned it is inevitable they have issues from their past … that they will need to discover, work with, and transform so they do not inflict their child(ren) with their pain.

We are doomed to keep going round and round in circles without evolving if we refuse to acknowledge our humanness, frailties, imperfections, and the fact we don’t know it all … and don’t have to. First, we need to know who we really are ourselves before we can successfully guide and help others.

Even after I worked with a psychologist for a year and a half, the process of unraveling who I really was has taken most of my life since we live in a culture with specific, narrow expectations that I didn’t fit into in the first place and as a result caused a series of very unfortunate events that kept me from the wholeness finally … and recently achieved.

Life is complicated enough … especially with what can seem like a continuous learning curve … but that is what life is and the idea that has hurt most of us is that we climb to get to a certain point and then want to just coast for the rest of our lives … but coasting will leave us feeling unresolved at the end of life because we did not fully live … we did not realize our potential because we can deluded by the fallacy that life is just about getting by … even if that means doing the same thing over and over again … even when we know it isn’t fulfilling … leaving us frustrated and angry to the point that what drives us more is primarily our concern for ourselves.

Scientists say we use 10% of our brains, so in other words we have the capacity to not continuously repeat history … our personal or collective. We have the ability to stop harming ourselves with our past by creating a different present and future. Having the desire to do so is the first step. Respecting our life and the lives we are responsible is one driving force … the other is love. What it comes done to is our courage to face our past … personal and collective … with compassion and not blame so we can create a better present and future.

What legacy do you … do we want history to reveal about us?

February 1, 2015

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Mental Health … or Just Broken Hearts and Spirits?

Science has shown that depression, in time, actually manifests itself in people’s brains and bodies, affecting the chemicals in our brains that motivate or de-motivate us.

The “key” to consider I believe is the “in time” label.

First, let us remember that some people are born with the chemical imbalance that causes depression and its often disastrous side effects, particularly suicide.

But let’s also consider how people not born with the chemical brain imbalance become depressed.

In a world constantly affirming that no one is entitled to respect … to be valued … unless someone in authority says so … people becoming depressed is easy to understand.

When a child is taught by their experience, as the majority of children are based on the results generated from the beginning till now, that their “value’ is determined by others’ thoughts and expectations, such a child loses his or her identity in the process of pleasing others to gain their respect … to feel valued … and therefore safe, protected … but relying on others not only will disappoint children, but also in reality also has the potential to cause great harm and severe danger, including death by violence, suicide or murder.

The training tool employed by the Disrespect Philosophy unconsciously driving our world is the repetitive “breaking” of hearts and spirits. Some people call the effect depression; something wrong that becomes wrong or broken in people’s minds but both my own experience and my research indicate otherwise. Both indicate the precursor to the level of depression that creates havoc with a life has more to do with the repetitive damage done to a person’s heart and spirit … and if not healed, opens the path for depression to sink into the cells of one’s brain and body.

In other words, the real mental health challenge is not depression, but its root cause, disrespect.

For some people depression that has been inside one too long needs to be treated with medication as well as the personal work to discover the damage done to one’s heart and spirit and to heal so one can move forward; however, what I found the most helpful was the discovery of where and when, the personal journey to heal … that increased my RESPECT LEVEL to a high enough level …. so I could reclaim my identity … and then to a higher RESPECT LEVEL that resulted in my reconnecting with my spirituality … all of which finally resulted in my experiencing the peace nothing else generated in my fifty plus years, along with the confidence, courage and direction to finally move upward and forward.

Family and friends thought I lost “it” twenty years ago when I walked away from everything and everyone I knew. What no one seemed to understand or wanted to hear was I had not lost my mind, but instead my heart and spirit had lost the desire to use my mind … that is the difference between depression and a nervous breakdown from a brokenness deep in the core of one’s self.

Science is a great tool and methodology to help us understand ourselves and our world, but like all things and fields of study, science is only a part of the big picture. Labels are created to help us understand our differences and each other, but labelling in itself quickly becomes prejudicial in a world still driven by the unconscious belief we are only as valuable as we are labelled … worthy of respect, worthy of being valued or worthy of being rejected, abandoned, denied, reshaped, conformed … etc.

In light of this train of thought, perhaps we can re-consider the stigma attached to mental health for what it is too … yet another level of prejudice created by the Disrespect Philosophy’s premise … no one is valuable unless someone in authority … decides someone is worthy.

The question begged then is the Disrespect Philosophy and its fallout problems of broken hearts, broken spirits and eventually the mental health problems, including depression what we want to serve as our legacy?

February 21, 2014

Kaitlin A. Trepanier

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