“The Power of Hope … Suicide is NOT the Answer”

Drugs and psychology will only get you so far … take the next step and you won’t even need them anymore.

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July 12, 2021


Preventing Suicides … By Raising “Respect Levels”

My deepest condolences to anyone whose loved one took their own life.

I am also reaching out because my own experiences certainly invoked the desire more than once to leave this plane, raising my own Respect Level empowered me to ask for the help I needed when I needed it … and my work with the Connecting the Dots … with The Respect Principle … the books and more God put in my heart to create were developed to counter any reason people do harm to themselves or others.

Seriously, feel free to contact me through Facebook or through http://www.therespectprinciple.com contact form if you or someone you know is struggling.


Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, The Respect Specialist

April 16, 2016

Raising my Respect Level was a healing process that took years because of the lack of such a device as the Respect Scale and the philosophy presented in Connecting the Dots … with The Respect Principle books, products, and services. The research, analysis, and development of the core concept empowered me to reclaim the parts of me discarded or oppressed due to lack of approval or support, including writing as a profession, to educate, inspire, and entertain through the establishment of my company … a social business venture, a for-profit business, dedicated to meeting the social need of raising individual and humanity’s Respect Level for the benefit of all people.

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The Numbers, Lives and “Respect Levels” We Need to Change Fellow Canadians

CANADA ONLY STATISTICS (Excerpts from Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE book)

Canadian Population http://www.thestar.com, 35,000,000 (million), February 15, 2013

http://www.cbc.ca, 2 million Criminal Code violations in 2012, February 15, 2013
http://www.cbc.ca, 424,400 violent crime incidents in 2010, February 15, 2013
http://www.cbc.ca, 20% account for violent crimes in 2010, February 15, 2013
http://www.cbc.ca, 7% increase in homicide in 2010, February 15, 2013
http://www.cbc.ca, 1% increase in criminal harassment in 2010, February 15, 2013
wWw.cbc.ca, Adult males still majority of offenders, but women committing violent crimes has risen by 34%, February 15, 2013

http://www.cbc.ca, 40% increase in child pornography in 2010, February 15, 2013
http://www.cbc.ca, 3% increase in sexual violations against children in 2010, February 15, 2013
http://www.41.statcan.gc.ca, In 2005, 36,895 children and youth under 18 reported to police they had been physically for sexually assaulted, February 15, 2013
http://www.41.statcan.gc.ca, Most violent acts against children and youth are committed mostly by people known to them … friends, acquaintances, family members … least likely are strangers, February 15, 2013

http://www.news.nationalpost.ca, Domestic violence … spousal abuse costs country at least 7.4 billion a year because of economic impact … policing, healthcare, funerals, lost wages … February 15, 2013

http://www.news.nationalpost.ca, 80% female victims are susceptible to sustaining costly and long-lasting, physical, emotional and financial consequences, February 15, 2013

ADDITIONAL STATISTICS from STATISTICS CANADA Website November 2, 2014 “Police Reported”

From The Daily, Violence Against Women 2011 report. Police Reported 173,000 aged 15+. Equals 1207 of 100,000 women experienced violence

From The Daily, Sexual Offences Against Children and Youth in Canada, 2012, 14,000 under 18 experienced sexual offences

From the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics Profile Series Child and Youth Victims, 2008. Children and youth fall victim to violence including physical, sexual, assault, robbery, homicide

Suicides and Suicide Rate by Sex and Age Group 2014.
10-14 29
15-19 198
20-24 301
25-29 261
30-34 283
35-39 288
40-44 354
45-49 432
50-54 443
55-59 375
60-64 245
65-69 150
70-74 128
75-79 101
80-84 76
85-89 49
90+ 13

Raising our individual and national “Respect Levels” will lower these numbers and the related expenses … as well as demonstrating the compassion we were once known for as Canadians.

Also keep in mind that many who have been harmed, without healing, will harm, not necessarily in the same way, but nonetheless will pass on the legacy of violence … the low ‘Respect Level” they know from experience.

November 2, 2014

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier

Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE … because every child … every person … should know, by their own experience, they are valued … RESPECTED. ©

Mental Health … or Just Broken Hearts and Spirits?

Science has shown that depression, in time, actually manifests itself in people’s brains and bodies, affecting the chemicals in our brains that motivate or de-motivate us.

The “key” to consider I believe is the “in time” label.

First, let us remember that some people are born with the chemical imbalance that causes depression and its often disastrous side effects, particularly suicide.

But let’s also consider how people not born with the chemical brain imbalance become depressed.

In a world constantly affirming that no one is entitled to respect … to be valued … unless someone in authority says so … people becoming depressed is easy to understand.

When a child is taught by their experience, as the majority of children are based on the results generated from the beginning till now, that their “value’ is determined by others’ thoughts and expectations, such a child loses his or her identity in the process of pleasing others to gain their respect … to feel valued … and therefore safe, protected … but relying on others not only will disappoint children, but also in reality also has the potential to cause great harm and severe danger, including death by violence, suicide or murder.

The training tool employed by the Disrespect Philosophy unconsciously driving our world is the repetitive “breaking” of hearts and spirits. Some people call the effect depression; something wrong that becomes wrong or broken in people’s minds but both my own experience and my research indicate otherwise. Both indicate the precursor to the level of depression that creates havoc with a life has more to do with the repetitive damage done to a person’s heart and spirit … and if not healed, opens the path for depression to sink into the cells of one’s brain and body.

In other words, the real mental health challenge is not depression, but its root cause, disrespect.

For some people depression that has been inside one too long needs to be treated with medication as well as the personal work to discover the damage done to one’s heart and spirit and to heal so one can move forward; however, what I found the most helpful was the discovery of where and when, the personal journey to heal … that increased my RESPECT LEVEL to a high enough level …. so I could reclaim my identity … and then to a higher RESPECT LEVEL that resulted in my reconnecting with my spirituality … all of which finally resulted in my experiencing the peace nothing else generated in my fifty plus years, along with the confidence, courage and direction to finally move upward and forward.

Family and friends thought I lost “it” twenty years ago when I walked away from everything and everyone I knew. What no one seemed to understand or wanted to hear was I had not lost my mind, but instead my heart and spirit had lost the desire to use my mind … that is the difference between depression and a nervous breakdown from a brokenness deep in the core of one’s self.

Science is a great tool and methodology to help us understand ourselves and our world, but like all things and fields of study, science is only a part of the big picture. Labels are created to help us understand our differences and each other, but labelling in itself quickly becomes prejudicial in a world still driven by the unconscious belief we are only as valuable as we are labelled … worthy of respect, worthy of being valued or worthy of being rejected, abandoned, denied, reshaped, conformed … etc.

In light of this train of thought, perhaps we can re-consider the stigma attached to mental health for what it is too … yet another level of prejudice created by the Disrespect Philosophy’s premise … no one is valuable unless someone in authority … decides someone is worthy.

The question begged then is the Disrespect Philosophy and its fallout problems of broken hearts, broken spirits and eventually the mental health problems, including depression what we want to serve as our legacy?

February 21, 2014

Kaitlin A. Trepanier

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