The PITCH Video … On Hold Until Perfected

For a number of reasons, I used to hate getting my picture taken.  Now I don’t hate it, but I’m still not overly fond of it. Plus, I have a natural preference to work behind the scenes, especially as the writer these days.

But since my goal is to present on the TED Talk stage my “Idea Worth Spreading” … the Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle concept because of its importance to many people, including to those who may not read the books, I am grateful to be growing more comfortable putting myself in front of a camera and on stage as well as learning how to present at the TED Talk professional level.

Supported by my previous Toastmasters and other experiences that put me front and centre to a group of people, I am indebted, yet I also must thank Jeremey Donavan for his insightful, thorough, and helpful book, “How To Deliver A TED Talk, Secrets of the World’s Most Inspiring Presentations.”

And since my other video attempts do not yet reflect my ideal, I have chosen to  delete them and wait until I have perfected The Pitch video for you.

Thanks for your interest, dropping by, and your patience.

June 12, 2018


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Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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The Wonder of Blooming Into Our Unique Potential … A Personal Story

Wow, what changes in me!

For years, I disliked drawing any attention to myself, whether having to speak in a classroom or to lead a meeting, because I was insecure, nervous, and even scared.

Plus, I am more naturally introverted, though I can be quite extroverted at times.

Earlier in my life I was more likely to be more extroverted when it came to standing up for others because I got very angry at those who hurt others in any way and/or being defiant because I did not know how to stand up for myself in a good way.

Thankfully I have changed considerably, in many ways, since my “Respect Level” rose high enough for me to realize it is okay and even important to stand up for one’s self … to demonstrate equal respect for one’s self as much as for others.

I am grateful also for my early years’ employers, who saw my potential and encouraged me to step up by placing me in leadership roles at a young age, for other subsequent opportunities that forced me to step out of my comfort zone to speak up, and for the three Toastmasters’ groups I participated in over the years, whose non-stop speaking opportunities helped me overcome my public speaking discomfort.

Why was public speaking something I had to be comfortable with? Because I somehow knew public speaking would be an important skill I would need in the future as I would continue to stand up and speak for those who cannot, for whatever reason, speak up for themselves yet.

Now in preparation to explain to the world why and the benefits of adopting respect as a global principle with my TED Talk, I am grateful to all who are helping me, including Bridgette Raes below, become the public speaker and the company leader “Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle” needs for everyone to feel valuable … respected … in order to become also who they are meant to be.


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Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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March 2, 2018