Yes, though the concept has to be freed from politics, religion, race, class, and any prejudice that impedes one’s ability to see people as individuals trying to survive in a world that teaches “disrespect” as a “philosophy,” though often unconsciously being passed on by experience.

This idea was the driving force behind the Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE concept that emerged after intense research, study, observations, and personal experiences that were heavily shaped by prejudices, the conscious and not, of the many people interacted with over several years in very diverse personal, work, and community experiences.

A prime example of the more subtle, but persistent, pervasive, harmful, and even deadly prejudice resulted from an attempt to join a club where membership was supposed to be open to all who were interested, but since these days such open prejudice is not as accepted publicly as it once was, the old tactic of exclusion was used to inform the new member, they were “not liked, therefore were not wanted and were not only not encouraged to join, but discouraged by the lack of effort of the pack to include the newcomer.

To overcome this prejudice that leads to greater acts of exclusion, including physical violence, we simply need to realize as an evoluting species, we do not have to “like” every person in the world to live and let live. We simply need to grow and change our perspective by bringing by all of our prejudices to light so we can see them for what they are and to make positive, conscious choices.

Doing so is the only way the over seven billion people who share the earth with us will move past struggling to survive to thriving … demonstrating we have grown enough as a species to know we do not all have to be the same … look the same … think the same … etc., etc., etc. That in fact, we need all of our differences for the greater good and that we just need to learn how to do this better now that we are aware of each other and our differences … which don’t have to be a bad or threatening thing.

So, the answer is definitively yes. One concept that is logical, practical, and compassionate can unite people across all the great divides … if we consciously choose to allow the concept to teach us how. Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE can … because I know and I know you want to believe too we are so much more than what we yet believe.

June 29, 2015


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