In a World Dominated by “EXTROVERTS,” an “INTROVERT” Funnily Shares Her Experience


In a world dominated by “Extroverts,” whose brains thrive on non-stop chatter and activity around them, “Introverts” often seem puzzling to “Extroverts,” even to the point sometimes that “Introverts” are targeted because of misunderstanding. Susan eloquently and funnily shares what it’s like to be an “Introvert” in an “Extroverted” world.

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May 15, 2019

Ever Wonder WHY ARE YOU SO DIFFERENT FROM Your Parents, Siblings, Partner, Classmates, Co-Workers … ?

Unlike Susan, I don’t come from a family of introverts … like me. Instead I come from a family of extroverted people. The result … a lot of misunderstandings, conflicts, and even harm by not knowing about the natural differences in our brains and how we process the world.

Listen to what Susan learned, wrote about in her book, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” and shares in her TED Talk below,  viewed to-date, 8,516,473 times to discover how the insights can improve the quality of your relationships, whether personal or professional.

I know I will be sharing this with people in my life too.

Enjoy her insightful and entertaining presentation by clicking on the image below …

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NOT SHY … INTROVERTED … Here’s Why by Susan Cain

Someone once gave me a card titled Wallflower that was filled with verse describing someone who sits on the sidelines of social settings and even life.

What we both did not understand at the time was I was only acting like a wallflower, not because of my introverted personality type, but because of my introverted personality type that had been taken advantage of and greatly harmed by both introverts and extroverts.

The card was given to me by my youngest brother at a time in my life when I was at the breaking out point from living a life other people liked, wanted, and expected. He gave it to me because I was not like him or the rest of my family who are dominantly extroverted.

They could not grasp what my problem was and still is according to many people. Research and studies revealed I do not have a problem, but a difference that really is not that different because a third to half the population have the same difference and they are suffering and not living up to their potential as a result … like I was, though I am working my way out of that people-dominated lifestyle to live my chosen life.

Susan Cain speaks about the subject with insight, sincerity, and humor, so I hope you will watch and listen to her “Idea Worth Spreading … her TED Talk.”

Thank you and thank you Susan for “The Power Of Introverts.”


May 12, 2018


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