When Leaders Fail to Do the Right Thing

When leaders fail to do the right thing, it is only a matter of time before someone or a group steps up to do the right thing and the leaders who failed will fall from grace.


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June 1, 2019



Not Doing the Right Thing: The Bystanders’ Cost

Most of us have come to think of bullying in school is the only place bystanders are found, but people are bystanders any time we do not do the right thing.

Why? We are afraid … for our safety, for the financial cost, of what others will think, etc., etc., etc.

But being afraid, as I have learned and history shows, only creates more fear and more circumstances to create more fear.

One of the good things we are finally accepting we must do, is to tell our kids to stand up for those being bullied, even if that mostly means reporting bullies and not personally intervening.

But have you wondered where our kids have learned to be bystanders in the first place?

As in the past and right now in the present, our children, tweens, teens and young adults are watching us respond as they hear about or see the pictures of the children, women and men being decimated by leaders in Syria who want the country for themselves and those they approve of … just like school yard bullies do.

What we do, how we respond will teach them the lessons they will carry into the rest of their lives … it will teach them what they should do … to walk away like many did for so long with Germany and other places taken over by dictators … the bullies with big visions that started out as the small bullies in the school yard or to stand tall and say, No. You cannot do such things and get away with them.

Canada may not have the military resources to give, but we certainly have a wealth of resources and an economy that was not hit as hard as the United States and other countries, so we should be giving more than our verbal support … we should be giving our financial support too.

Believe me, years of experience has taught me that doing the right thing is seldom easy and often meets resistance … and it costs us, but not near as much as being a bystander and having to live with the knowledge we could have and should have done more. We deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing we did the best we could … we gave what we could and even more than what was comfortable, because when we need help, and we all will at some point in our life, we will want others to help us … and for the most part, that will only come after we were the first to give to others who needed us, even if the ones we help are not the ones who end up helping us … for life is sweet that way.

But right now, today, the people in Syria who are being slaughtered by those who want control of Syria and its resources need us to send the message to the bullies that, just like the bullies in the schoolyard, their behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated … because we know the right thing to do and we can untie to draw on each other for the support we need to do the right thing. Anything less makes us just another bystander whose real character will be revealed by history.

September 7, 2013

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