The INNOVATIVE SOLUTION I Have Been Waiting For … A CONTEST Unlike Any Other!

Where to begin?

In response the raised awareness of bullying in schools in 2002 I wrote a short story titled, Charles Choice. Recording the story in a professional studio was intended to be used as a device to help address bullying and other abuses/violences I also experienced in elementary school.

At the time what is now known as the Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle concept, company, and global initiative was still in its infancy. One could say the story Charles Choice finally gave voice to what had been in my heart and mind for some time.

Other than owning the CD with the Charles Choice recording, not much happened for a few years. But once I relocated to Etobicoke from Oshawa, I registered a non-profit organization called, It Is About Respect Inc. However with no funds and the odds of getting it without having written the books and converted the Charles Choice story to a play, I closed the non-profit.

Because of the competition for funding whether a for-profit or non-profit, without having a platform already established that publishers wanted, and because I no longer wanted to just keep giving my ideas away for free and remaining poor, I decided the company had to become a for-profit venture.

My idea secured me a spot in a small Bruce County angel investors’ competition. I had moved back to Bruce County to be with and help my dad in his last years. Debt free since 1998, I had to go into debt in order to be on hand for my dad and to help financially.

Dad died during the early phases of the competition and since I did not want to remain in the area, I withdrew from the competition, while also declining the local community foundation’s interest in financing my venture.

After relocating out of the area, the consultant who lead the angel investors’ workshop messaged me about the business plan he had written for my idea, which I promptly rejected because I was not interested in a partner, especially one who disrespected me by not asking permission or even speaking with me personally.

Submitting an application for a $100 k local and Ontario grant resulted in rejection because I did not have the cash capital and now had bad credit for the debts I hadn’t been able to pay because of not securing work beyond the bartered work I’ve been doing to have a place to live and the few medical studies I’ve done to help live off assistance and food banks.

I knew the play, Charles Choice, that introduces the Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle to students, teachers, staff, parents, and communities needed to be done, presented to the public, and filmed to be sold as DVDs, but I couldn’t pull the money together.

And then, BAM, the creative solution arrived while out cycling!

Simply create a contest for Toronto and Greater Toronto Secondary Schools to buy the production scripts, rehearse, perform, and video their performance, then submit their video performance to Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle in order to WIN the opportunity to be the school presenting the play Charles Choice for the special public release of the play in DVD format and other prizes.

I am still working out the creative, logistical, and legal details, but the time has almost arrived for this WIN WIN WIN.

The first WIN helps anyone who is being oppressed or harmed.

The second WIN helps me support myself by the ideas I have turned into creations.

The third WIN helps everyone make the world a better place by being educated about the value of respecting all persons … simply for being people. And if you want more information on the rewards we all reap, check out the post 10 Rewards To Reap.

So where does everything stand today?

Well, stay tuned because an exciting autumn is on the horizon!

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier


Founder Entrepreneur Author Artist and Speaker  

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September 7, 2018                                     

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