Any one-sided perspective that does not allow other people to choose based on their free will … is not a symbol of freedom, but a symbol of one person or group’s need to have everyone be like them so they feel okay with their beliefs.

The most powerful leaders do not lead by fear, but by the strength of their character … their beliefs … their heart … and compassion for those they lead … yet also serve by leading.

The “Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE” concept was designed to surpass the barriers of religion, politics, race, etc. because as evidenced by the world, humanity struggles with the concept of valuing … respecting … others who are not in agreement with them, who do not reflect their choices, with believing they have to like or approve of everyone in the world.

Valuing … respecting a person or a group of people simply means to live and let live … to be humane .. to help others less fortunate than ourselves … to protect those who cannot protect themselves … to actively engage in the world we live … connecting the dots that reveals the big picture … what we do to others or do not do will impact our own lives somewhere down the line.

Based on The Bible, the living word Christians believe in, other than Christmas, and even more so, this is the most important two days of the year … when Christ was crucified on Good Friday and was resurrected on Easter Sunday.

If we could grow past our history … if we could at least unite and adopt the one concept, that all life is valuable … worthy of respect … we could obliterate the prejudices that not only separate us and compel some people to harm, imprison, and even kill those who don’t share their beliefs, we could create an economic balance previously unseen and would empower the human race to move past the limitations imposed by prejudices.

Making someone wrong through prejudice does not make someone else right … it makes two wrongs.

When we are willing to see beyond ourselves, we start to connect the dots and see the bigger picture of the world … and when we start to see our place in the world as someone valuable … entitled to respect for just being a life, we gain the ability to see others the same way … and we see our place in the world as valid and important as everyone else … because regardless of what you have, own, take … we all come into this world in the same way and we go out the same way … with nothing but what is in our hearts and minds. If we do not give other people the freedom and right to choose their own beliefs that do not harm others, then what we have is not freedom … instead we are bound by the prison of prejudice till we free others … and ourselves.

Though I was raised a Catholic, for several reasons I rejected the religion at an early ago and studied other religions and philosophies. In fact, so influenced by our culture’s strong reliance, almost religious fanaticism on science and my negative experiences with religion, the “Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE” was developed because of its logic, practicality, and even its dispassionate compassion.

Still, I found the concept, like many other religions and philosophies, did not satisfy a deeper yearning inside of me … the more profound that seeks deeper answers … so in the past few years I returned to Christianity by studying The Bible for myself and surprises abounded … especially surprises that generated freedom from judging and condemning others, peace, hope, and more positive feelings than I have ever experienced in my lifetime. I share this because I know from experience how both concepts, one scientific and philosophical and the other spiritual, not religious, are transforming me from being a hurt, frustrated, depressed, fearful, and angry woman into a healed, whole, more peaceful, and if not always loving, at least a respectful woman … who values other people and their differences and who works to find ways to bring more peace to the world, to encourage the ongoing development of potential, and to help us all connect to co-create a better world for each and every person … because both concepts have taught me everyone comes into this world with unique gifts, talents, and abilities intended to contribute to good of the whole … if we show them how by example and by our support.

This Easter weekend, my question is “What have your beliefs taught and yielded for you?”

April 4, 2015


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A Legacy of Stealing … 7 Often Unrecognized Acts

STEALING: to take, especially in a secret manner : to take slyly, surreptitiously (Coles Concise English Dictionary, 1979)

Other words for STEAL (Synonyms): take, filch, bag, thieve, loot, rob, purloin, embezzle, defraud, keep, carry away or off, appropriate, take possession of, withdraw, divert, lift, remove, impress, abduct, shanghai, kidnap, spirit away, run off with, hold for ransom, rifle, sack, cheat, cozen, hold up, strip, poach, peculate, counterfeit, circulate bad money, swindle, plagiarize, misappropriate, housebreak, burglarize, blackmail, fleece, plunder, pillage, despoil, ransack, crib, burgle, stick up, hijack, skyjack, pinch, rustle, rip off, liberate, snatch, lift, freeze onto, annex, copy, swipe, mooch, gyp, dip one’s hands into, make off with. (Funk & Wagnalls Edition Webster’s New World Thesaurus, 1971)

Stealing is just one of the ways that reveals the Disrespect Levels of our world … and our own lives. And history reveals stealing has been going on since the beginning of time … in The Bible and in other accounts of humanity’s existence. To counter the effects that impacts us all, considering how we also perpetuate stealing will empower us to reduce and eliminate its fallout in our individual lives and world.

7 Often Unrecognized Acts of Stealing

1. INNOCENCE … by indifference, neglect, abuse, assault, violence
2. POTENTIAL … by lack of resources and opportunities to thrive
3. REPUTATION … by judgment, speculation, gossip, guilt assumption
4. LEGACY … by taking land founded by someone else
5. HERITAGE … by annihilating someone’s way of life and history
6. PRIVACY … by using technology to gather information for one’s own gain
7. HUMAN RIGHTS … by not valuing … respecting … every life … every person

The fallout of these thefts drives what we commonly think of as stealing … taking someone’s money or things … whether from a person, a store or from employers; but as the alternate words to stealing and the 7 Often Unrecognized Acts of Stealing reveal, what we consider common stealing is a by-product created by the profound and powerful original 7.

Throughout history, and now, those who have had so much … often reaped from one or more of the 7 Often Unrecognized Acts of Stealing they inflicted upon others, severely punished the common thieves … because they could … even if they were innocent … because they wanted to “use them as an example” to deter any such considerations by other. An example is often known as a scapegoat: a person, group or thing upon whom the blame for the mistakes or crimes of others is thrust … and typically a scapegoat is labelled as such because for some reason, the person, group, or thing is “not liked” … valued or respected and is therefore penalized for their differences, real or imagined.

Yet ironically, those who justify their own acts of stealing innocence, potential, reputation, legacy, heritage, privacy, and human rights do not recognize their contribution as catalysts … or simply do not care because their Respect Level is not high enough.

No matter what the scenario, two wrongs still do not make a right … no matter how much one attempts to justify their acts(s) of stealing … so the legacy continues … until we change the legacy we want to leave.

November 17, 2014

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier

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