“EVIL THRIVES WHEN Good People Do Nothing”

A recent municipal election here in a small community in Canada recorded the lowest voting level of just under 26%.

Hopefully, in the United States tomorrow, good people will step up and record the best voting ever to reveal what American value most … social accountability too rather than just money.

Sad thing for us in the province Ontario in Canada is coming to terms with the same mentality that empowered the new conservative Ford government that is also driven by the dollar sign rather than the combination of fiscal responsibility and social accountability.


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November 5, 2018



Extraordinary Ability Visas are for people with a uniqueness to bring to add to the United States pool in the business, education, arts, sciences, and athletics sectors.
I don’t consider myself extraordinary, I am just me. No more valuable than anyone else. But I have been gifted with the talents for the the work I have been given to do, “Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle.
Now fully knowing and embracing who I am … writer, playwright, director, producer, social entrepreneur, and activist that I knew I was in my heart and have now become, my intellectual capital is encompassed by the arts umbrella, my company falls under both business and education umbrellas, and my global initiative strategy under the social science umbrella, so the work does qualify as extraordinary because it is one of a kind.
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Updated July 29, 2018


VOTE … Electing our leaders is not just personal and not just about our personal preferences. It is about our shared responsibility to engage, to influence, to be a part of our world, to be a co-creator, a player … not just someone sitting on the benches. So VOTE, not just for you … VOTE for the GREATER GOOD for all people … not just for the select few … but for the great nation you are a part of everyday … VOTE with the HONOR, RESPECT, and LOVE you want for yourself and honor, respect, and love will come back to you through those whom you choose to work on your behalf. VOTE with your HEAD and your HEART and be proud you’ve done your part my American friends.

November 6, 2016

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