Bad Behavior … Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

The challenge in choosing to respect … value every person results from the daunting task of seeing, disliking, and even hating bad behavior … yet not the person or humanity.

I know I struggled with this challenge most of my life like many people do because we are taught by experiences to do so … that is, until our Respect Level rises enough to see other humans as equal to us … in all their failings … and ours too.

There are those whose physiological makeup, their brain’s function, is impaired by natural chemical imbalances … natural mental health challenges, but a lot of mental health challenges are created by the world we live in and how we have shaped it by our choices of action or apathy … just going along for the ride.

Seen from the bigger picture perspective, we all make mistakes. Many people develop negative or blaming mentalities because to admit their own contribution may seem like a blow to what is often an over inflated ego… the kind developed and used to compensate for the unhealed wounds that still hurt.

I know because I lived that way too for most of my life … because I bought into the fallacy that my bad behavior, whether fueled by naivety, ignorance, disrespect, hurt, resentment, or anger, was who I was … someone bad … but I have learned we are all susceptible to bad behavior for a number of reasons, yet at the same time each and every one of us is a person … a human being … and what redeems us all is seeing beyond the bad behavior to help people in ways we can so they can develop the good behavior that results from feeling valued … respected regardless of the mistakes made … the bad behavior we manufacture.

And for any Christians reading this, we are called to forgive as many times as it takes, to help others get on the right track of good behavior by not adding another wrong on top of a wrong. It’s called love.

February 18, 2016

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5000 Views and Climbing … as is the Need to Raise the “RESPECT LEVELS” of all People


The past week took its toll on my time to work on the re-construction of this site, including the presentation of many exciting new elements; however, there has been a break in the urgent immediacy regarding my Dad and his care needs … where higher Respect Levels are also needed … the lessons learned from my experience the past few years in this role for my Dad inspired me to write and post, Putting Your Life into the Hands of Others …

Though in a different way, children in school, also put their lives into others hands, trusting them to keep them safe … but today’s events in Pakistan where over 140 were killed in a very low Respect Level act compels me to get back on track regardless of what else is going on … because we need more valuing … respecting … of all life in our world to stop such very low Respect Level thoughts and actions.

… so, tomorrow, back to the blog and its reconstruction to further achieve that goal!

And thank you for dropping by with your over 5000 views!

December 16, 2014

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier

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