Life, at times, is hard for everyone … but for some of us, those of us who don’t “fit” in with the normal around us, it is harder and more traumatic. Most “normals/the majority” want us to be like them, to reflect their beliefs and their choices. But when we do not believe as they do, choose as they do, and act as they do … because we do not know how or finally refuse to do so because not being allowed to be ourselves breaks our spirit … to the point that many people finish the job people started by the normals/majority judging, ridiculing, ostracizing, abandoning, or worse … by taking their own lives directly or putting themselves in dangerous circumstances or by addictions or simply by giving up … because they have not yet realized they are valuable too … simply for being a life.

Because of God I did not. He never left me though I did not know that for most of my life. So my job, the purpose He gave me, is to shine for who I am and the purpose He gave me so I would stay in this world to help the minority, the outcasts, and the rejects, the majority want to disappear, plus educate the majority about what they are doing and the consequences for them personally and for all of humanity … socially and economically.

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, Writer, Artist, Founder, and President of the for-profit social business venture, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle. All copyrights reserved.